Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Anti-Workshop | Blog Pirate!

I am officially a Blog Pirate... complete with wooden leg, eye patch and guttural "Arrrrgh"!!!
Unashamedly, I have gone out and plundered some treasures to share with you from a few friend's blogs.

Our Fearless leader Doug Boutwell posted a 'short' video of our workshop. By short, I mean 14 minutes of pure photography action set against the beautiful Northwest backdrop.

And the brilliant Fred Egan concocted a class yearbook photo complete with Kitties!

And the Class photo from Chenin's Blog

This is great stuff guys! Thanks!

If you EVER have the opportunity to attend an ANTI-workshop I would highly reccomend it. If not to pick the brains of the genius's behind AltF and Boutwell Studios... then to glean from the amazing new friendships you will have the opportunity to foster. I truly wish I could've sat down and played "20 questions" with each and every one of you because I LOVE getting to know people... but alas that wasn't a luxury I was able to partake in. For all ya'all who I didn't get to REALLY know... Hit me up if you are ever in town and we can chitty chat chat.... Lunch on me! :)

Thanks again to the Fantastic Four ( JMC, Dalisa, Chenin and Doug) for making this an wonderful experience!


Fred Egan said...

Sweeet-You jacked it!

Dustin Steller said...

you steal, you steal! I wanna steal it too... :-D

Tim Halberg said...

crap crap crap... wish I had gone to this!!!!

Shawn said...

Dam Shyla,

You're looking tan and hot in that shot above!!

Keep Rockin!!

Oh, and BTW, your work on your blog here is awesome!!!! Keep it up!


Doug Boutwell said...

arrrrrrrr matey!

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