Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Noelle & Louis | wedding

Noelle and Louis got married in Dana Point at St Edwards... That's the church that has a 180 view of the ocean from the sanctuary! It was so beautiful. THEN to top it all off, they had their reception at the Ocean Institute in Dana Point Harbor. For a girl like me who loves the water, this was a perfect setting! (not that the wedding is about me or anything...wink wink)
Noelle was referred to me by my sweet friend and gown designer Marianne Lanting so it was an honor to shoot this wedding. Marianne was the first designer to get me published so her name brings up feelings of nostalgia... (awww... reminiscing).
Here are some fun pics of the day...

A custom Designed Marianne Lanting Gown

As you all may know, my roommate is also a wedding photographer but since we are usually both shooting on the same days, we dont get to shoot together. She happened to be available so I had her along and we had a blast!! Thanks Lisa! Do you think I ask my assistants to do too much?!... I got this idea the brilliant :e:

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Eric Laurits | photographer

I spent the weekend in Maine at the Laurits family cottage and I had a glorious time. It was literally breathtaking.
And how could I traipse through a newly discovered land without taking time out for a photoshoot? that would be INCONCEIVABLE.
So alas, :e: allowed me to get him all 'dolled up' and here are the results.

I think he was probably one of the easiest 'models' I have ever shot. Not only does the camera love him, but I'm sure having an MFA in acting doesn't hurt either! We played a little game at the end where I called out random words and he would act them out. The only problem is that they are all out of focus because I was laughing SOOOO hard.

so without further adieu... Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. :e:ric Laurits

eric likes to call this one... "supercrotch"... LOL

our attempt at self portraits....

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Crazy Eastern Adventures

This past week, I have had the opportunity to experience a fast forward tour of NY and New England and it has been amazing!
The tour started with the PhotoPlus Expo in NYC where Amber Holritz and I had the opportunity to stay with THE Eric Laurits. He truly was the BEST host{ess} ;)
(note: some images were jacked from the Holritz blog)

Thursday was the FF>> tour of NY with a trip to the Cloisters, a visit to Rockafeller Center and St Patricks Cathedral, then dinner in Times Square followed by a fun ride aboard the Staten Island Ferry.

Friday, Eric and I worked the shootsac booth to raise funds for the gift of sight charity (see a few posts down for details...) we talked so much we nearly lost use of our vocal chords. BUT, check out the sweet shirts we had made!

We jetted out of the city Friday night and made our way up to Eric's parents house in Boston (and in case you didn't know, the Sox are off to the world series...we are gearing up to watch the first game as I type this!).

So Saturday we went up to Ipswitch River and fed the Chickadees! :) Eric was highly entertaining and I got photos to prove it!

Check out Boston in the Fall...

Next it was onto Maine. Um,.... all I have to say about Maine is that I am officially in love and want to move there. Its GORGEOUS!!! literally GORGEOUS.
We stayed at the Laurits Family Cottage before heading back to NYC on Monday. Here is a shot I grabbed as we were pulling into the cottage...

WHEW! talk about whirlwind!
I did a fun shoot this weekend while we were in Maine.... I cant wait to show you!

Thats all for now :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I <3 NY!

SOOOO, I am off to NY!
Unfortunately my laptop is in the shop so I will essentially be computer-less for the next 6 days. :) (torture I know, but I am actually looking forward to it)

I will do my best to keep up with Twitter updates and I cant wait to get caught up on blogging when I return :)

Dont forget to stop by the Shootsac booth in on Oct 19th to say HI!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Wanna SAC up?

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Photographers.

Listen up. It’s game time. Are you going to Photo Plus? Of course you are. Everyone is. So my question for you is this… do you wanna sac up with me?

Introducing and announcing "SAC up with shyla and :e:"

Here’s how it works. Shyla, :e:, and shootsac have teamed up to bring you the latest in awesome experiences. On Friday, October 19th, come by the Shootsac booth (#2042). Shyla and Eric are going to be there strutting their stuff and modeling the new hotness that is the shootsac. As if that isn’t enough…

For every shootsac that is sold, $5 is being donated to the Give the Gift of Sight Foundation – a cause near and dear to photographers’ hearts. At the end of the day, the total amount is being matched by :e: doubling the donation amount. The Give the Gift of Sight Foundation is an incredible organization, and I would definitely encourage you to check them out at their link above.

On top of all this, you get to meet Eric in person [Voted Denver's Sexiest single in 2007 and also one of Kailee's man crushes over at bludomain... you'll wanna at least stop by and say hi.] And rumor has it, he's offering a show special.... Makeout sessions: $5 extra* (with purchase of a shootsac of course) ;)

So come by the shootsac booth on Friday and say hi, pick up a shootsac, and help people who cannot see clearly see the world as beautifully as you do.


Sac up.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Rebekah White | concert

My Roommate and I went to Rebekah White's concert tonight...
This video does her no justice whatsoever but it's a little glimpse :)
and all that shaking was...uh...intentional...yeah. I was going for the "shaky-hand-held-Bourne-Ultimatum-feel".

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Rebekah White | musician

"The thing I love most about music is how it touches people's lives"

Rebekah spoke this quote over dinner after our shoot yesterday and I couldn't help but smile. When God distributed gifts he seemed to look me over in the "musical talent" area. It is one of those things that permeates so deep in my being yet I am not blessed with that gifting. This is why people like Bekah make my heart smile....

I had the pleasure of meeting and shooting for Miss Bekah alllll the way back in April of '06 as she was just launching her career. You can see those pics here and some concert stuff here. We have kept in touch over the last year and a half but it was so fun to reconnect yesterday for our second photoshoot. It's amazing to see where each of our lives & careers have evolved. For example, Rebekah has been on tour with Fergie and even had the opportunity to open for her on occasion.
She was also recently published in the French Magazine "English Now" as a new up and coming artist!

So yesterday we got together to shoot some shots for her upcoming EP. She begins recording in November here in LA and I cant wait to shoot some behind the scenes stuff!

Check out her music here
and her hotness below...

Rebekah has a concert in Newport Beach Wednesday Oct 10, 2007! If anyone wants to go with me, shoot me an email and I will give you details.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Staples | Day After Session

I know I am blogging this out of order, but I will explain later ;)
I had so much fun with this session!! Despite nearly falling through the floor and having a nail go through my shoe, this was the PERFECT place to shoot!!
This house was hidden in the trees on the Staples farm (about 1/2 mile from the main house) and the new couple plans to someday tear it down and build their first home together with the existing foundation.
The entire time we were shooting in this house, I was giddy like a school girl... the light was beautiful, & the house was AMAZING!

I cannot WAIT to show you the wedding pictures either :) Yes, There was a helicopter involved! ;)
I was also blessed to have Andrew Bryant accompany me on this wedding and he was truly a gem... I couldn't have asked for a better friend to bring along on this adventure!! Make sure to check out his stuff too :)

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