Friday, October 12, 2007

Wanna SAC up?

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Photographers.

Listen up. It’s game time. Are you going to Photo Plus? Of course you are. Everyone is. So my question for you is this… do you wanna sac up with me?

Introducing and announcing "SAC up with shyla and :e:"

Here’s how it works. Shyla, :e:, and shootsac have teamed up to bring you the latest in awesome experiences. On Friday, October 19th, come by the Shootsac booth (#2042). Shyla and Eric are going to be there strutting their stuff and modeling the new hotness that is the shootsac. As if that isn’t enough…

For every shootsac that is sold, $5 is being donated to the Give the Gift of Sight Foundation – a cause near and dear to photographers’ hearts. At the end of the day, the total amount is being matched by :e: doubling the donation amount. The Give the Gift of Sight Foundation is an incredible organization, and I would definitely encourage you to check them out at their link above.

On top of all this, you get to meet Eric in person [Voted Denver's Sexiest single in 2007 and also one of Kailee's man crushes over at bludomain... you'll wanna at least stop by and say hi.] And rumor has it, he's offering a show special.... Makeout sessions: $5 extra* (with purchase of a shootsac of course) ;)

So come by the shootsac booth on Friday and say hi, pick up a shootsac, and help people who cannot see clearly see the world as beautifully as you do.


Sac up.


Abigail Quisenberry said...

Your new picture is sooooo hot. And just know.. if i could sac up.. i would.

Sara D Harper Photography said...

That is such a great picture of you shy!!! I don't think I'm going to be there but you'll have to give me details later! ;)

Keats Elliott Photography said...

Beautiful in every way! I love your heart and your energy for good. Can't wait to stand next to you at Photo Plus.

S+J said...

hey shyla! after i ran into you at that bridal show and talked to you about your shootsac, you sold me on it and i totally went and ordered one. and i LOVE it! thx. =)

david & kimi baxter said...

i agree that photo of you is gorgeous!

:e: said...

wait a minute... what the?! you were supposed to be the one offering makeouts... oh man. you are in SERIOUS TROUBLE LADY. serious trouble. [repeated for emphasis]

Vanessa said...

Hot damn! and I don't mean eric....although... ;)

You are gorgeous girl!

Cameron Ingalls said...

Thanks for saying hello Shy! love the shots of the musician. You are kinda rock-n-roll!

Jasmine said...

Soooo, who took that hot picture of you? Spill the beans~ ;)
Have fun in NYC...and be sure to sing that McGregor song for me! ;) hehe

Natalie Joy said...

omg! that is a SERIOUSLY HOT pic of you shy! wow...:)
love you!

Shyla said...

Its my roomate... she took the picture. :)

:e:... Im prepared to eat Alpo. It'll be worth every gag reflex ;)

Vanessa, you know... we could arrange a makeout session for ya. I hear he is cheap ;)

Oh Jazzy, I would never sing Mcgregor because God knows I would butcher it!

c r y s t a l said...

Ohhhh how I wish I was in NYC!!! :(

YOU LOOK STUNNING in that photo! Lovely..just lovely!

I miss you soo very much, dear!

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