Sunday, January 25, 2009

A little taste of TX.

A quick peek at the fun times in Austin this week...

First off, a fun photoshoot with Renae and her hubby Jeff

Yesterday we were in flip-flops and sundresses basking in 75 degree weather. Today, Annemarie and I woke up to 40 degree weather so we bundled up to climb Mt, Bonnell for some panoramic views of Austin

Apparently peacocks hang out at the national parks in Texas. I'm trying to convince him to open his plumage...but no such luck. I think I need to work on my "coaxing men to do things" skills.

We've seen 4 bands since I've been in town. Including Brett Dennen (who sings my life theme song Blessed) and Wideawake (Livestrong.). You see, I have this thing for live music and apparently Austin is the live music capitol of the world.... [But please, Next time remind me not to wear heels to standing only events ;)]

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Last weekend, I was hired to shoot a local rap artist for his upcoming album and I mentally approached the project with the same "fashiony" style that I usually generate.
But then I got to thinking...
This is a rap artist, not a fashion model.
TOTALLY different, right?
So I decided to try something a little different and see what I get.

Lots o' lights and some photoshopage...

This is 'D.I.' a.k.a Mark Auguste. He entertained me by seeing images on the back of the camera and exclaiming...Dude, Thats SERIOUS! I *think* serious means awesome, right Mark? ;)

D.I brought along a few friends who are on his record label, so we grabbed a few shots of them as well....just for fun. Meet Mingo.

and E.Pinero

DI, Mingo and EP, you gentlemen were super fun. Thanks for not laughing at my crazy white girl dancing and good luck with your new projects.

Special thanks to Doug for coming along and helping me out too!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

MLK day.

First of all... special thanks to all who came out on Monday, and to everyone else who took their day off to serve others. You all are my heros. :)

So, we all met at Arlington Street church in downtown to make lunches and then take them out to the streets of Boston.
Here's a glimpse into the story...

That is Richey on the right. That man was so full of life, you couldn't help but smile. He was so excited because he was signing up to volunteer an event himself. He was able to see past his own need and desire to help others. We need more hearts like Richey's in the world .

After trekking around downtown Boston and passing out lunches all morning, we gassed up at Flatbread, and then went snowshoeing! Evan and I drove up to Wachusett Mountain and blazed a few trails that would make BigFoot proud. Have I mentioned lately how much I love snow? ;)

Anyway, meet Evan...this man has THE biggest heart. EVERY Saturday morning you will find him hanging out in Boston Common meeting and conversating with the homeless. Whether it's taking them out to lunch, offering them warm conversation, or letting them draw smiley faces on his shoes (true story...I've seen scribbles!) he has forged relationships and been a part of special journeys that few people dare to embark on. I am richer for knowing him.
Thanks for the adventure Evan!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A day on...not a day off.

"Everybody can be great because everbody can serve" -Martin Luther King Jr.

Millions of Americans are expected to honor Dr. King and answer President-elect Obama’s call to service by volunteering on the January 19 King Holiday. Thousands of service projects will be available for you.
Fueled by President-elect Obama’s call to service, this will be the largest King Day of Service ever. In 1994, Congress charged the Corporation for National and Community Service with transforming the King Holiday into a national day of service. This year, President-elect Obama is asking all Americans to serve on King Day and make an impact in your community.

"A strong and prosperous nation must also be a compassionate nation." - President George W. Bush

Help kick off an exciting week for our country by laying a foundation of what the human race should be all about. This is not a political plea but rather one of compassion and coming together as a unified nation to help one another out. To lay down partisan lines, social boxes, and religious stigmas to embrace human race as equal.

Here are a few links to help you find volunteer opportunities in your area...


MASSACHUSETTS PHOTOGRAPHERS: I have been working with the volunteer coordinator at Volunteers of America Massachusetts and we have a service opportunity available involving a mass feeding of 300 area homeless persons. We will need multiple hands to help prepare and deliver these meals but we also need the story to be told through your lenses. Photographers will be paired up with street teams so not only will you be giving back to others with your time but your talents. Email me ASAP for more information. []

NEW ENGLAND HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: If you offer your day off tomorrow in service to others, I am offering a free one-hour session to YOU. Send me an email with proof of your volunteer opportunity and we will set up a mini session as my thank you for being selfless. []


And to leave you with my favorite quote...
"love is not a feeling in the chest, it is bending down to wash another's feet" -Andrew Peterson

CHEERS to a new day, a new year and a life filled with true love!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Brittany + Zach | engaged

I came back into town last wednesday but this is my first day back at my house. so crazy, I tell ya. Catching my breath in conjunction with catching up.

First up is my play date with Brit and Zach.
I met Brit whilst interning with Mike Colon, she was a model at the first fashion shoot I attended, and has lent her beauty to many a photographer. I think anyone who has worked with or attended Mike’s workshop has a pic of her in their portfolio.
From day one we became fast friends and decided we were so much alike (even down to owning the same red motorcycle jacket that I borrowed in Vegas for this shoot when I forgot mine) that we must’ve been separated at birth...and born a few years apart as well. Medical miracle I tell ya...medical miracle. ;)

Brit was recently engaged and I was so excited to be asked to shoot her and Zach.

Zach is the most lively, over the top young man who is so full of passion and energy. (but only on days that end in ‘y’, right Zach? ;))

Here are a few fun shots from our play date.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Knot.

I got together with the girls tonight.

we made pizza from scratch. [6 girls in the kitchen is a very good thing, BTW]

we drank wine.

we played rockband. [why do I love that game so much?!]

we looked at wedding magazines. [three of the ladies are engaged and one is a wedding photographer ;)]

as I was flipping through one of the magazines, I turned the page and didn't exactly know what to think. I took a double take and was a little confused because there in the corner of a story I saw one of my pictures....."huh?"

I totally forgot the magazine asked my permission to use a photo a while back, so I was NOT expecting to see it. I think when I heard "spring '09" I assumed it would be released in spring.

anyway... I must admit it was a fun surprise.

Within the issue, there is a section on creative getaways. I have yet to do a wedding who's getaway was as epic as Jeremy and Angelika's helicopter ride from the ceremony to the reception site. so fun.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Another Boudoir Event.

Well Ladies...

Due to overwhelming response to the Boston Boudoir Event from all you Californians, I have decided to make an event available for all you SoCal girls.
If you are interested in having "femme fatale" photos taken for your man in time for V-day (or your wedding day) reserve your spot now.

Dates: January 30. - February 1. 2009
Where: SoCal

Send me an email to reserve your spot soon! []

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Living in New England, I am in constant awe of my surroundings. the beauty. the grandeur. the history. the culture. I simply cannot get enough. A few Boston friends often exclaim that they've grown up there so its 'old news' and don't quite understand the wide-eyed excitement I experience every time I walk outside or drive down the tree lined highways. Since Ive only been there a year, they call it the Honeymoon phase and are sure it will pass. Secretly, I was scared they may be right.


I went home for the holidays to the part of the country I grew up in. The Northwest. Everyday I sat in awe of this beautiful region just as I have done since I was little. Then it dawned on me.... If I am still in awe of the NW after 20 years, then I have no fear of ever falling out of love with the beauty of creation. Whether Northeast, or Northwest, I cant get enough of the beautiful surrounding within which I reside.


While home, my family took a little hike through the Columbia Gorge...

My Mountain (Mt. Hood) through the window as we were driving over the 205 bridge

The vista House at Crown Point over looking Columbia River Gorge. Right behind me is the Camp where I spent many a summer counseling. Can you imagine waking up to this view every day?!

Multnomah Falls

honestly, who would buy fish from a school bus?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Boudoir Event

Hey ladies!
Wanna be pampered?
Wanna surprise your man on Valentine's day or your wedding day?
Want beautiful pictures of you in your skivvies?
Join Shyla (me!) and Kate on January 11, 2009 as we take over the Onyx Hotel and spend the day shooting boudoirs. We will even have hair/makeup artists on hand to make you feel pampered and gorgeous.

If you are interested, we have a few spots left so shoot me an email asap!

Retrospect. 2008

Sitting at lunch with my parents yesterday I was re-caping what has proven to be one of the most adventure filled years of my life. I mean seriously....I've been in 33 states in the last year alone.
Sometimes I wonder why I got to be so blessed with such an adventurous & fulfilling life. I have this insatiable zest for life that I am free to water, and sometimes I can't wrap my head around the freedom and opportunities I have been given. I don't deserve it but I promise to embrace it and squeeze the heck out of it.

So, here is a fun lil' recap of some of the year's highlights and many of the blessings life has offered.

Denver/Vail Colorado.
End of January, I headed out to Colorado for a week with the most amazing women.

7 female photographers ( Jasmine Star, Liana, Amy Nave, Sarah Barlow, Crystal Goss, Jenna Walker and I) teamed up to shoot some charity work and then spend time gleaning from eachother. We actually just found out that the VOA used our slideshow for a fundraising event in October, and ended up raising $57,000. (an all time high they told us!)

VOA Slideshow (I still cry when I watch it)

California to Massachusettes.
Everyone always asks... "Why the heck would you move from Cali to Boston?!" you know why? because I could... because I found a piece of my heart on the East Coast and because its quite possibly the most beautiful region of the US :)
It began with a crazy debacle however...
but that didnt deter me :)

I pulled these off my iPhone... a few of my favorite things about Boston.

The Rockstar Workshop in Asheville NC.
A super fun week of learning and pretending to be a bride in 25 degree weather. I love my Amber and Corey!

Oh, and a long road trip with Eric from MA to NC gave me my very first speeding ticket....oops. (insert halo here)

I think I am still in shock over this.

Chicago Illinois.
with Justin and Mary Marantz
Learning from great friends, pretending to model and shooting a few fun senior sessions

Abby and Nattie

St John, USVI
The BEAUTIFUL wedding of Angela and Rob with my dear soul friend Katie Thurmes
and my favorite camping experience... in a treehouse!

Cape Cod, Massachusettes.
THE Emilie Sommer arranged a fabulous workshop that honestly changed me. Those 5 days completely revolutionized the way I shoot... the way I see things... the way I see life.
I was about to say here is the finished product... but I do not feel like what I learned there is finished. So instead, here is my slideshow and everything else you see me shoot from now on is the finished product :)

Oh and I had my very first Lobstah feast! yum.

21 cities around the US.
for two months during the summer I toured the country on this beauty

The restoration of a broken relationship.... with flash. LOL.

Los Angeles, California
One of my favorite Couple sessions.... Abi and Ryan

Chris and Eileen's beautiful wedding in Martha's Vineyard. Annemarie and Suzanne came along and we made a weekend adventure of it :)

Nothing beats fall in New England.
I'd say the best thing this year was moving to the East Coast. I can't tell you how much I love it here.

To all my '08 couples and friends... Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your story. You each allow me to experience a deeper and richer part of life. For that I am so grateful....

Cheers to a FABULOUS 2008 and an even FABULOUS-ER 2009.

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