Friday, June 29, 2007

Size Matters

Growing up in the Northwest has fostered a LOVE for trucks. Once you experience 4Xing and barreling through muddy back roads in search of shooting spots ( guns NOT cameras) you get addicted to the burliness and power! I was convinced I would own one this big one day but it makes NO sense to have something like this in SoCal. I already have to justify owning a small SUV and being single with no kids... But come one... I have to lug around a "ton" ( ahem...ONE bag) of camera gear so I NEEEEEED and SUV, right?! ;)
Anyway, I stopped to visit a friend when I was in Portland last weekend and couldn't resist a picture next to my once-dream-car...errr truck. All I have to do to make myself feel better is imagine how much $$ I am saving on gas!

**sigh**... maybe someday.

Apparently, size matters...

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lisa My Lisa

While I was visiting my family in Portland last weekend I had the opportunity to shoot my dear friend Lisa ( affectionately known as "lisa my lisa"). She just graduated from Oregon State University with her degree in Interior Design and had her grad party this weekend so we shot a few frames to display at the party.
I had a ton of fun on this shoot... You gotta love when the client shows up on location with a bag full of clothes and says "Dress Me"! I was in heaven playing stylist AND fashion photographer

Lisa was super nervous in front of the camera but with a little prodding and some sassy little side comments we eventually got her to loosen up... by the end she was TOTALLY working the camera!

here are a few of my favorites... :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Anti-Workshop | Blog Pirate!

I am officially a Blog Pirate... complete with wooden leg, eye patch and guttural "Arrrrgh"!!!
Unashamedly, I have gone out and plundered some treasures to share with you from a few friend's blogs.

Our Fearless leader Doug Boutwell posted a 'short' video of our workshop. By short, I mean 14 minutes of pure photography action set against the beautiful Northwest backdrop.

And the brilliant Fred Egan concocted a class yearbook photo complete with Kitties!

And the Class photo from Chenin's Blog

This is great stuff guys! Thanks!

If you EVER have the opportunity to attend an ANTI-workshop I would highly reccomend it. If not to pick the brains of the genius's behind AltF and Boutwell Studios... then to glean from the amazing new friendships you will have the opportunity to foster. I truly wish I could've sat down and played "20 questions" with each and every one of you because I LOVE getting to know people... but alas that wasn't a luxury I was able to partake in. For all ya'all who I didn't get to REALLY know... Hit me up if you are ever in town and we can chitty chat chat.... Lunch on me! :)

Thanks again to the Fantastic Four ( JMC, Dalisa, Chenin and Doug) for making this an wonderful experience!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Anti-Experiment | video

While in Seattle attending the anti-workshop, a few of us got together for a "night shoot" and I captured a little video of our experiment.... check it out :) This was my first attempt with imovie and I had so much fun!

Here are a few images that Kelley took of me and dustin...

This karate one is my favorite...!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

ANTI workshop | SEATTLE

I spent the week in Seattle attending the ANTI workshop hosted by AltF and Boutwell Studios. It was such a fantastic week full of challenges and adventures as well as cultivating new friendships and nurturing old ones. My cup is overflowing from the wonderful people who made a mark on my life in the short week we were together....not to mention all the cool photography knowledge I learned :)

A quick recap of the week...
Day 1:
Arrive in Seattle for the Preception and some bowling....
Oh and by the way... I SUCK at bowling. I am talking gutter ball ALL THE TIME.!! LOL
Heres the wonderful Jess Claire showing off her fancy form ;)

Day 2: The workshop was held at Pike's Brewery. The un-orthodox setting made this alternative style workshop truly unique! We were instructed NOT to bring our cameras to the first day of class and little did we know it was because were would be shooting with polaroids! This was truly a challenge because it forces the photographer to rely on their creativity in composition and ideas instead of fancy lenses, f-stops, or other pro-camera manipulations.

Day 3: Being broken up into teams of 3, we were sent off on a photo scavenger hunt with a bride, 2 hours, and a list of 24 expected images. This was one of my favorites :)

Day 4: after our critique of the groups images we were given the opportunity to tour underground Seattle. Apparently, Seattle was leveled out about 100 years ago and underneath are the remains of the old city. It was sweeeet! The goal behind this tour was to teach us lighting in less than ideal circumstances. here are a few images from that adventure....

This is the amazing Dustin Stellar... he was one of my favorite parts of the workshop. I rarely meet more genuine people :)

Ah yes, and here are some of my new and old friends....

Me and Egan sportin' the Aviators

Dustin Stellar and Kelley Walker Chance.

Kathy Carslile,Shannon Sewel, and me rockin' the "Fred Egan is for lovers tees.

Heather Cole and I...doing...uh, I dunno?

Heather Cole , My roomate Lisa Fitts and me

Stay tuned... there is more to come tomorrow!!! :)

Sunday, June 17, 2007


I flew into Portland today for Father's Day and as soon as I stepped off the plane I just took a deep breath and was so glad to be home. There is something about the Northwest that just makes my heart glad. Unfortunately my luggage decided it wanted to stay in a little longer on the East Coast but nonetheless its been a wonderful wonderful day and I am so blessed :)

and to all you daddy's out there... Happy Father's Day! Can I just say 'Thank you' for being the pillar and strengths in the lives of us kids. Ya'all play such an irreplaceable role!

Here are a few shots from the day!

Yummy Salmon cooking on the new Father's day gift!

Master Chef Mark.. the bestest-est cook! Oh, and that butter has zero calories by the way! ;)

Dinner! I cant remember the last time I had a home cooked sit down meal with the family...

me and my bro goofing off!

Unfortunately I couldn't grab a pic of him napping on the couch because he woke up every time I tried!... alas I will have to practice my ninja skills before I go back. But here is Daddy Warbucks ( as we call him) sportin' the I LOVE MOM tattoo.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ryan & Rachel

I flew out to North Carolina for Ryan and Rachel's wedding but happened also squeeze in a few moments with my dear friends Amber Holritz and Corey McNabb. They drove HOURS out of thier way to pick me up from the airport for a 1 hour lunch before we jetted off to our respected rehearsal dinner shoots. There is never a dull moment with them and I had a BLAST spending even a lil' time with them. THANKS GUYS!!! We went to lunch and I have decided that my favorite thing about the south is by far the SWEET TEA!!! Oh goodness, I am like a giddy lil' school girl. Although it is simply an adult version of kool-aid ( with the amount of sugar added), I am a BIG FAN :)

Im sooo exhausted though! I took a red-eye out here and leave at 6 a.m. in the morning to head to Portland for Father's Day and then its on to Seattle for the Anti-workshop! I'm delightfully excited, so stay tuned for some fun posts ahead!

Ryan and Rachel were sooo happy to be getting married after a LONG engagement!! Here are a few shots I grabbed for the blog real quick. :)

Have a wonderful Father's Day everyone!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ryan + Abby

Welcome to my new blog!!!
(My old blog will remain online for the occasional trip down memory lane)
There are a lot of fun new features a rotating make sure to refresh a few times! :)

In honor of the launching I decided to do an extra long post with a lot of images :)
Last week I did an e-session with the most amazing couple! Not only are they HOT HOT HOT, but they were up for anything! We met in Pasadena and barely left the parking garage! haha. When we decided to call it a night, I looked at the clock and realized we shot for 3 and a half hours! haha... I guess I was just having sooo much fun I lost track of time :)

I even brought along one of my new red chairs for the shoot! Thank goodness for SUVs....growing up in Portland, Oregon fostered a love for trucks and Suvvy's and I have been trying to justify having one in LA, so here is my excuse! ;)

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