Saturday, September 29, 2007

Kristin DeVries | Fashion Designer

Kristin just graduated a few weeks ago with her degree in Fashion Design so we had an opportunity to shoot a few photos that showed her style and helped promote her new ventures. We shot two seperate days with four distinct styles.
Style 1: Kristin DeVries: Surfer Chick.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Shy

Its stinkin' amazing what competition does to a person! Last week I participated in the Nike Plus Challenge comprised of a bunch of crazy photographers in a race to be the first to run 30 miles. The first to 30mi would win an itunes gift card from EACH participant. The race started Tuesday and due to technical difficulties, I was unable to get my account working so I didn't get started until Thursday. Because everyone had a head start on me, I literally went all turbo and logged 16.5 miles in less than 24 hours. I woke up early Friday morning and checked the stats to see how far I needed to run that morning to stay in the pack, only to find out that someone had already reached the 30 miles mark! Mr. Sean McLellan dominated!
I learned a lot this week though... I have this crazy competitive side of me that I never really knew existed. It created a monster that was dead set on finishing regardless of the consequences. After my first 6 mi trekk I had nasty blisters and could barely walk but that didn't suppress the competitive appetite. Then the shin splints I haven't nursed since high school reared their ugly head and I was a wreck come friday morning. Nothing was gonna stop me..... until Sean finished. Then I decided that it was all over and I returned to my normal self. UNTIL the next competition that is ;)

(ps) Kristy (wreckless girl) and I were in cahoots to beat Egan and we suceeded so our mission was complete. ;) Regardless of my love for music, it was the glory that fueled our efforts.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ghorbani | part II

In case you have noticed... I am so in love with this family.
I took Natalia and Jovani up to the tree house today and snapped a few pics.
Can I take these kids home with me?

The Beautiful Natalia!... She is the mastermind behind the love widget from a few posts back.

My lil' Jovani Ghorbani... this poor boy is probably sick of my kissing him. I just cant get enough of this lil' muffin

Ghorbani | family shoot

Meet my favorite family... The Ghorbani's
We met while shooting Karla & Jason's wedding in Cancun and it was love at first sight. These Pexicans ( Persian/Mexican combination) are the most lively, generous, and fun loving family. The whole family is also tri-lingual! (English, Spanish, Farsi)
We had the opportunity to shoot family portraits while in Cancun... here are a few of my favorites :)

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Check out this picture Anna snuck of us as I was making a sideshow :)

oh and look what the girls installed on my dashboard without me knowing!! Apparently, It's a love calculator that estimates your chances of marrying a specific person.
They are fascinated with my love life... ...(or lack thereof!) HAHA.
In the 24 hours I have been here, they have planned my wedding and I apparently have chosen three grooms for me to choose from. Sounds like a real-life game of *M.A.S.H*

I have a not so secret crush on Ewan McGregor's voice so they typed in his name and apparently I have a 41% chance of marrying Ewan! LOL. I must guard my computer more carefully, who knows what they will do next!!! The fact they even know HOW to install stuff blows my mind.

Kids and Laptops

Im in San Fran this weekend shooting the second half of Karla & Jason's wedding. Their wedding in Cancun was amazing and I formed such a bond with both families. When I got here yesterday I was mauled by children.... I could stay here and play forever! I just love them all so much.

Look what I woke up to this morning :) haha.
Why arent these kids OUTSIDE playing?? lol.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Drum Circle | hermosa beach

Sunday afternoon I was playing hostess and showing my current house guest around SoCal. I live less than 10 minutes from the beach so of course that is included in the tour! Anyway, as we were walking around Hermosa Beach there was loud music coming from underneath the pier and come to find out it was a drum circle. I have never experienced a drum circle before but I was literally captivated... seriously MESMERIZED! I love love love music but have never experienced anything like this before. Something about it touched me deep down and I know it may sound cheesy but I wanted to cry. Music has such a way of evoking emotion... especially percussion.

Apparently there are three main drum leaders and then baskets and baskets of other percussion instruments. It was essentially a free for all and there were drums for anyone who wanted to join in. I was amazed how each 'drummer' was doing their own thing but it sounded so beautiful as a whole. There were about 50 people total.

Unfortunately I did not have a camera with me ( I know, shame on Shyla!) but we got this crappy phone camera shot....

and then I found this clip online of a drum circle in Hermosa back in April.

I just found out they do one every Sunday, so if anyone ever comes to visit me on a weekend I will take you to experience this awesomeness!!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Amal of Beverly Hills | fashion show

Last weekend I was invited to shoot some backstage Fashion Show photos for gown designer Amal of Beverly Hills . This event was held at the Roosevelt Hotel in the heart of Hollywood and was hosted by celebrity and dream event planner Preston Bailey. This man is so stinkin' creative it's inspiring!

I really enjoyed the backstage perspective because it allowed me to get a little more creative than previous shows. I had the pleasure of shooting for Amal previously and she is such a pleasure to work with.....Thanks amal for everything you do!

Here's a sneak peek backstage...

Shoes, fabulous shoes...

This was a random shot I grabbed of an Indian Bridal Designer

Pre-show entertainment. after watching these ladies, I have decided to take up lessons!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Amal of Beverly Hills...

post show, the models were backstage and I just loved the window light...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Business Boot Camp | Boston

While attending PartnerCon this year, I had a crash course in Business Boot Camp.
The BBC is an intense, intimate two-day experience designed to help you take your photography business to the next level, enforce business health and profitability, and create a better work/life balance.

Yesterday, photographer and business guru (not to mention my sweet friend) Liana Lehman, offered me a crash course and I was blown away at what I learned. I walked away with knowing exactly how much I need to make next year to pay myself "x" salary in conjunction with growing my business. ( That includes ideals such as maxing out IRA annually, and putting a significant amount in savings each month.) Additionally, I can tell you my cost of sales on each package I offer and how to decrease my cost of sales without affecting my clients.

Anyway, a few other photographers and I are planning on attending Liana's full boot camp in Boston, MA on Dec 4-6, 2007. We would love to get a fun group together and honestly, it's a great opportunity to get your biz stuff in order before we head into the 2008 fiscal year.
PLUS, we have never been to the New England area so I look forward to experiencing what the East Coast hype is all about. ;) (some people say the East Coast is better than the West Coast... BUT 'West' rhymes with 'BEST' for a reason ;) ) WE shall see though, I believe in fair chances. haha.

for more info click here

KISS & ShowIT Party

This week is the Pictage Partner Conference in LA and it has been so fun seeing old friends as well as meeting new ones.
Two of the vendors from the conference ( KISS & SHOWIT) co-sponsored a party in Hermosa Beach at Club 32. I am not really a 'club' kinda gal but it was fun to hang out with friends. Crowded, loud, & sweaty soon turned into a mob of dancing hilarity. I don't really drink but we sure did have fun shakin' it to good 'ol Justin Timberlake and cramming into the kissing booth
Here is a quick collage of images from the night...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Karla & Jason | fun in cancun

In case it isn't obvious... I am IN LOVE with this couple. I simply cannot get enough pictures of them. I cannot tell you how difficult it was to only post the following pictures... I would post all 500 if I could. This day was absolutely one of the best days I've ever had shooting!
Seriously, sooo much fun!! I even got to hold a monkey for the first time and I swear I am gonna own one someday, they are so darn adorable. One monkey reached down and grabbed Karla's lipstick out of her bra. When Jason attempted to wrestle the monkey for the lipstick, it threw a fit just like a child. Then it went and peed on Jason's

Due to the OPPRESSIVE heat, we had to shoot in waves... and then run to the nearest air conditioned Starbucks to cool off.... but that didn't seem to phase us gals one bit! Karla and I were unflatteringly sweaty but we just didn't care. Jason and Fred on the other hand were such troopers to put up with our energy. Those poor boys died pretty fast in that heat but they were both awesome!

Make sure to check out Egan's shots of the day too... That boy's got mad skills! I am so thankful to have had his talent along on this trip... Thanks again E!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Fun with Friends

So the last few weeks have been a whirlwind of fun with friends... I realized I havent blogged anything so I threw them all together in ONE BIG BLOG. :)
Its amazing how many stick-your-arm-out-and-take-a-picture shots I have! geez louise.

First, here is a friend collage from Cancun... Sooo fun :)

Before Egan and I left for Cancun, we played with Justin & Amelia Lyon. E, Kyle Barnes, and Justin played some 80's air guitar..... THAT was entertaining!

Today I drove up to Santa Barbara to hang out with two of my favorite people... Nathan & Amber Holritz.

I stole this from Amber's blog. Apparently we (myself, Amber, Amy, & Janey decided that it would be flattering to make funny faces.

...and then snuggle up in our friend DJ's bed

but of course not before amber and I took self portraits of ourselves in the MIRROR above DJ's bed. I am still trying to figure out why exactly DJ still has a mirror above his bed ;)... but it made for some great laughs

...oh, and one last shot of our friend DJ :)

So... obviously it has been a fun-filled few weeks. We now return to our regularly scheduled program. :)

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