Monday, September 24, 2007

Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Shy

Its stinkin' amazing what competition does to a person! Last week I participated in the Nike Plus Challenge comprised of a bunch of crazy photographers in a race to be the first to run 30 miles. The first to 30mi would win an itunes gift card from EACH participant. The race started Tuesday and due to technical difficulties, I was unable to get my account working so I didn't get started until Thursday. Because everyone had a head start on me, I literally went all turbo and logged 16.5 miles in less than 24 hours. I woke up early Friday morning and checked the stats to see how far I needed to run that morning to stay in the pack, only to find out that someone had already reached the 30 miles mark! Mr. Sean McLellan dominated!
I learned a lot this week though... I have this crazy competitive side of me that I never really knew existed. It created a monster that was dead set on finishing regardless of the consequences. After my first 6 mi trekk I had nasty blisters and could barely walk but that didn't suppress the competitive appetite. Then the shin splints I haven't nursed since high school reared their ugly head and I was a wreck come friday morning. Nothing was gonna stop me..... until Sean finished. Then I decided that it was all over and I returned to my normal self. UNTIL the next competition that is ;)

(ps) Kristy (wreckless girl) and I were in cahoots to beat Egan and we suceeded so our mission was complete. ;) Regardless of my love for music, it was the glory that fueled our efforts.


Carla Ten Eyck said...

I have a great fix for shin splints: arnica gel. I want in on the next race!! I am super competetive too, realize I most likely will not win but would love the motivation to run more often!

sdohana said...

5th not bad shy!

kristy said...

BWAHAHAHA...oh i love this. i have yet to get started on our next "mission" - are you in for the 30 day run? it was nice having a week or so off of being INSANE and logging 8 miles a day. love ya! <3 k.

LisaFitts said...

sooo........ this has nothing to do with your post but..i totally flooded kitchen check out my blog thank god we dont have a bigger kitchen! see u when u get home

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