Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ghorbani | part II

In case you have noticed... I am so in love with this family.
I took Natalia and Jovani up to the tree house today and snapped a few pics.
Can I take these kids home with me?

The Beautiful Natalia!... She is the mastermind behind the love widget from a few posts back.

My lil' Jovani Ghorbani... this poor boy is probably sick of my kissing him. I just cant get enough of this lil' muffin


jamiedelaine said...

Such sweet children! She has AWESOME style!

Shyla said...

haha... I raided her closet and picked out her outfit... Thanks Jamie!!! ;) :)

sdohana said...

love the tire swing shot. you can feel the fun in these! nice work AS USUAL! :)

Jasmine said...

Those first two pictures of that little girl are SO amazing...she's so cute! :)

jason said...

THe first pic of Natalia is amazing!!! You have to love it when you capture a moment that perfectly.

All three pics of Jovani are GREAT! But I do not think you could take a bad picture of that kid. I love him looking over his shoulder and the third one with just his eyes showing and his smile left to your imagination is very cool too.

Anonymous said...

hi shyla!this is natalia...i cant wait for you to come this week!!!!im so excited you're staying at my house!i saw the comments of jovani & i...your friends are nice.

-natalia ;)

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