Monday, July 27, 2009

Nene + Omar | Cabo San Lucas Mexico

"If you love something enough you set it free... if it is meant to be, it will come back to you"

I love Love LOVE Omar and Nene's story!

Here's a quick narration...

Omar was Nene's first kiss when she was 15.
Omar broke up with Nene when he went to college because he wanted to be young... and you know... a college boy ;)
Nene was heartbroken but quite mature. She wrote him a 10 page letter (that Omar kept all these years) and in it mentioned the above quote.
Both lost touch for many years. Omar married and had a beautiful daughter, Nene dated other men and took of the world with her awesomeness.
8 years later a newly single Omar saw Nene's mom's name on a realtor roster (they are both brokers) and decided to send along a little hello.
Nene's mom forgot all about the email until 3 months later.... she passed along the information to her daughter and the two High School sweethearts were reunited.
Only problem was... Omar was still going through his young single stage and wasn't ready to commit even though Nene was head over heels....again ;) A year or two pass in this "friendship only" limbo and it was only when faced with the possibility of losing Nene did Omar wake up and realize what he wanted all along was right in front of him. And oh boy did she make him work his little @$$ off to get her back. Its quite the fabulous story and quite more involved than what I just narrated... but this story has a happy ending. :)

RIght before leaving for Mexico to shoot the wedding I spoke with Nene about how excited I was for her... I told her how awesome it was after all these years that she would be marrying her first kiss. She said loved that he was not only her first but her LAST kiss as well. :) (insert sappy girly 'awww' here)

without further adieu.... may I present the wonderful wedding of Nene + Omar...

Omar sent his best man over with a wedding gift for Nene.

I loved this image. Nene was sobbing after receiving all her gifts.. she kept saying she couldn't understand why she deserved someone so amazing. :)

Recognize the Officiant? That's Jason. I shot Jason and Karla's wedding in Cancun two summers ago... Karla is Omar's sister. :)

Another surprise for Nene.... Omar ordered fireworks!

And the Slideshow.... ***CLICK HERE***

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


DOWN: Hey Folks.... The Blog is DOWN momentarily until we can get the server change figured out! Please sit tight.

UP: BUT the good news is the new website is UP, UP, UP. ShylaPhotography is all grown up now.... taking it back to the basics.... clean simple and a little more mature. [I dont know if SHYLA and MATURE should be used in the same sentence sometimes but hey... ]

hop on ovah and let me know what you think! :)

(ps)THANK YOU Andrew Barlow (with Showit) and Evan Worth for all your help... not all heros wear capes ;) xoxo

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I've always loved extended plays [EPs]... Not enough tracks to musically qualify as a full album but in my opinion I like them even more. More intimate and often more raw... almost like being forced to tell an entire story in 5 pictures (or songs, whatever) or less. My friendship with Erica is a lot like this. no fluff. just raw, simple, awesome....

You can imagine the friendship she offers when you hear she has been in 17 weddings. Not just attended, I mean she was IN 17 in she has 17 dresses that I am sure range in style, color, era, and embarrassment. Then there is me who has barely even been a guest at a wedding.
Our friendship is hilarious because, for example, we often plan movie/editing nights regardless of the fact that we never like the same movies.... EVER. For instance we watched The Proposal... she loved it and thought it was the best chick flick she's ever seen... I hated it. Well hate is a strong word. I just didn't appreciate it on the same level she did.
She loves (and love ISN'T a strong enough word here) garlic and sauteed veggies, offering them to me at every meal. I like my veggies raw and prefer to ward bloodsuckers off with fierce stake fighting instead of garlic-y breath.
Then there are the road trips... she is content listening to the radio on 'seek/scan' catching 5 second clips of songs for the entire 2 hours. And then there is me who always has some sort of melodic theme music accompanying my step... with to which I am belting out and doing a silly dance. It seems I ALWAYS have music on.

Overall I like to think the glue that holds us together is our affinity and obsession with Arrested Development. That bond acts like gorilla glue.... the kind that takes your skin off with aggressive adhesion.

She is an EP- short sweet and to the point.... I am an LP-trying to cram everything I can in 14 different tracks and offer nothing short of sensory overload.

I often wish I was more EP-ish :)

So blog-friends.... meet my friend EP [Erica Pelaccia]. She recently left her job to pursue photography full time and I'm loving having her around everyday (we live 1/8 mile apart)! Here are a few tracks from yesterday's shoot for her new upcoming website.

This one is my fav from the day... but looking at all these shots, Im staring to think there was a hot naked guy running off the left side of the frame because she can't stop looking there ;)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Beth | amazon woman

Beth is one of those woman you can easily be jealous of. I'm sure there was a green tint to my skin during our whole shoot.
6ft tall... legs that go to heaven every time... and that hair. OH that hair!
She doesn't need to wear heels and even though she once dated a 5'4'' man, she landed herself a 6'4'' hubby. She is a real live amazon woman.
Oh and it gets better.... she doesnt need to stand on a chair to take pictures. Did I mention she is a photographer? Not a model like you would assume. She actually hired me to take headshots for her new website. The headshots took a turn towards fun when she busted out her wedding dress..... OH yeah.

see.. we started with headshots

Then out came the dress

and BAM... I LOVE this one.


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