Monday, July 30, 2007

Trash the Dress | media coverage

Here is the video and write up of our Trash the Dress session yesterday :)
Orange County Register

I figured I could take my ShootSac in the water with me... afterall its made of neoprene ( the same stuff as wet suits!) It acts as a purse and coat hanger too! ;)
You can see how much fun we had by the smile on Greg Bumatay's face in the video :D

Thanks to Nataly for setting this all up :)

I'll post pictures from my couple soon :)

Trash the Dress | part 1

I was meandering around the OSP forum this morning and saw a post talking about a photographer get together in the OC today.... so I thought I would join in on the fun!
It ended up being an organized shoot with 13 brides, 20-some photographers and miles of beach for the sole purpose of TRASHING THE DRESSES! All the brides were already married and desired the opportunity to get down and dirrrrty in their bridal gowns.
The OC Register Newspaper joined our little excursion and we had so much fun! I met a ton of new friends and a special shout-out to Kim (David Baxter's wife) for being so sweet and truly making me smile! :D

After shooting an adorable couple for most of the day and I thought I was finished because not only was I was EXHAUSTED but my jeans were WET!... but then I saw this wall and decided to have a lil more fun! I snagged a bride (who just happened to be standing chatting in the water) and whisked her off to a few spots down the beach. The model was so fun and totally up for anything... even letting me contort her body to get the right look.
So, thanks 'Kim-the-model' for fancying my crazy ideas... It had a fantabulous time!

Here are a few of my Favs...

a totally random moment that was not intended but when I was editing, it made me laugh :)

we played around with a little motion blur...

My roommate ruined some of her equipment today. This is the SECOND time in a row I shot at Laguna beach and someone I was with ruined their equipment. Last time it was Fred... this time Lisa...
I haven't decided if it's the Laguna Beach curse or if I am just bad luck. ;)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Galligans | Family Shoot

Meet some more of my Family! I shot the grandbabies ( Ryan & Kylee) a few weeks ago for Mom's birthday yesterday. This is something I have been doing for her birthday since Kylee was a year old... Shes almost 9 now! Its fun to look back and see how much they've grown!
You know the kids are used to the camera when then give you the "serious model stare' as seen in the below images. :) I have fun laughing ones but mom hasn't seen those yet, so you cant see them yet either ( 'Cause Mom checks the blog) ;)

Daddy and the Kiddos

... and HERE are a few from years gone by :) They are when I shot film and are DIRRRRRRRRTY, crooked scans, but you can at least see how much they've grown :)

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Ok so I posted this Project Everlasting video on the post below but as I was watching it today I decided it deserved it's OWN post!
I was watching it and realized that they interviewed a member of my family and she is in the video!!!!!
Her name is Betty Staley! I've seen this video before but never noticed it until JUST NOW!!! I about jumped out of my seat when I saw an old photo of her and her hubby Harold (who passed a few a few years ago) followed by a clip of her. Both were such amazing beings and they loved each other ( and the Lord) with a deep unadulterated passion!
Funny thing is... I was just talking about interviewing her daughter and son-in-law ( who just happen to be my adopted parents!) since they have been married 40 years and have made the most amazing impact in my life and been the most amazing parents all these years. Seeing them function in a healthy Christian home has modeled a truly successful marriage for me!

OMG... I am totally freaking out. Im going to call home and find out why they never mentioned this to me!!!

Here's our family Christmas picture.. Betty is on the couch with the dog :) See if you can find her in the film!!

Here are the ScreenShots...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Project Everlasting | the bachelors

Taking part in the launch of new lives is such an exhilarating experience. As most of us wedding photographers understand, there is a joy and deep satisfaction in knowing our services cater to the beginning of a beautiful journey between two lovers. In today's culture, however, the dissolution of these unions is all too prevalent and as a single gal, who has yet to embark on that journey, it is easy to get discouraged. This sense of discouragement was the premise behind Project Everlasting. By desiring to be an anomaly in today's world, these two young men have set out to understand what makes marriages last and have compiled their findings into a book, thus bringing the secrets of America's Marriage Masters into our hands.

My biological parents divorced and I decided long ago that I wanted to be different... I wanted to be an abberation, I wanted to set the foundation for a legacy for future generations. So whenever I encounter couples married for 20 years or 20 days, I drill them with questions in hopes of finding the 'secret to success' and what makes marriages work! Soooo, when I found out about this project I was immediately enthralled. (You may remember me talking about it here)

One of my favorite traditions at weddings is watching the "Century Dance"... The DJ calls ALL married couples out on the dance floor and slowly eliminates them until the longest married couple is left dancing. Last weekend's wedding resulted in a couple married 60 years. The aged gentlemen donning an old fashion tuxedo was beaming as if he was dancing with his bride on their wedding days 60 yrs ago. And his bride, clutching her walker with her gnarled fingers, had a sparkle in her eye that would rival any newlywed. My heart smiled and my eyes welled up at the sight of pride and joy they had in eachother while they slowly swayed on that floor.... call me a hopeless romantic but I want THAT someday. "THAT" -being something words cant explain but speaks volumes.

Passions aside, allow me to introduce you to Mat Boggs and Jason Miller, co-authors of PROJECT EVERLASTING. These two gentlemen have a sweet gentle aire about them that you don't often find in young single men. Assumedly ascending from their 4 year journey to understand love and being immersed in love story after love story, I'm sure they couldn't help but be softened by their journey. If you ever have a chance to meet them in person or hear them speak, I can guarantee its worth the trip.... If anything you will get a great big hug! ;)

These gentlemen obviously weren't camera shy!...LOL

Mat Boggs

Jason Miller

Thanks guys... you are blessing many many people with your project!

All you wedding photographers, attendees, vendors etc... This is a great gift to give at weddings! Give them something that will help them start this new 'chapter' in their the cheesy pun ;)

Monday, July 23, 2007

Amal of Beverly Hills | fashion show

I LOOOOVE Fashion, so when I was asked to shoot a bridal fashion show at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, I was so excited! The Festival of Brides was a white & silver affair that exuded the elegance and class that is sterotypical of a hollywood event.
Amal of Beverly Hills was the featured couture gown designer that I had the pleasure of shooting for. Amal, with a thick moroccan accent and heart of gold, makes you feel like family and lacks the aire of hauter that one may expect from a well loved designer.

I felt so honored to be apart of such a wonderful event.... Thanks Amal!

Here are a few images from the day....

I love this shot of one of the models touching up her makeup...

Amal of Beverly Hills

I was in love with this Friar Tux Model... he was just so fun! We chatted a bit and he is starting to get into photography himself so that made me love him even more!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Karla & Jason | engagement

Last weekend I went up to the bay area for a wedding and was able to squeeze in Jason & Karla's engagement session in downtown San Francisco. We started the day off right with fresh fish 'n' chips at Pier 39 to give us our energy for the day to come. San Fran is known for their hills so we set off walking all over town...up and down...up and down....up and...well you get the point. Luckily I have learned that flat shoes are my friend!
And speaking of friends...Jason and Karla are very dear to my heart. I was her R.A. in College and we quickly developed a sweet bond that has lasted beyond graduation. Then Jason is the mastermind behind my website who quickly became my hero in all things technical!!
To best describe them...She is the electricty and he is the grounding wire... I love being with them and cant wait to shoot their wedding in CANCUN next month!
... it will be a week long party at which I am honored to not only be their photographer but their friend!

We were shooting against this red door when Karla turned around and threw up this little heart pose. I thought it was so adorable it deserved to go on the blog!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Pandora | Music Genome Project

My friend Nick just posted this on his blog and I thought it was brilliant! Its called Pandora and its an online radio station that allows you to enter the name of an artist or song and it will create a "Radio Station" with similar artists/songs. I think its brilliant because Im always looking for new music and best of all its FREE!

Check it out!!

I'm off to secretly indulge in 'Jesse McCartney Radio' ;)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Rockstar Thursday

A news station out of Texas called WOAI has recently started a photography blog and I was asked for an interview to be featured on "Rockstar Thursday"

Sooooo fun!

Check out the interview here

And be sure to leave Maile some lovin'. As a wonderful photographer herself, She is also the host behind WOAI's blog.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Shipmans | Family Shoot

I am a bad blogging monkey! Its been over a week and I am starting to get hate mail so I figured it best to post before I started getting death threats... lol. I appreciate all those who have sent me emails reminding me to post, they make me feel loved! ;)

Meet the Shipmans.... Truly one of the most beautiful families. I have been wanting to shoot their girls for over a year now and I finally got the opportunity. They are moving to Colorado in the next few weeks so we met up for one last rendevouz in Hermosa Beach. Given my CRAZY schedule, we were worried we couldn't make this happen, but we squeezed a shoot in right before I left for San Francisco Thursday Night.

Little Olivia was so full of energy, joy, and personality! Little Selah had foot surgery earlier that morning so she has the giant sock on but was toddling around as if nothing happened.

Thanks Shipman Family, I had a BLAST crawling around in the sand with you guys! :)

I played around with different actions....tell me what you think :).

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