Sunday, July 22, 2007

Karla & Jason | engagement

Last weekend I went up to the bay area for a wedding and was able to squeeze in Jason & Karla's engagement session in downtown San Francisco. We started the day off right with fresh fish 'n' chips at Pier 39 to give us our energy for the day to come. San Fran is known for their hills so we set off walking all over town...up and down...up and down....up and...well you get the point. Luckily I have learned that flat shoes are my friend!
And speaking of friends...Jason and Karla are very dear to my heart. I was her R.A. in College and we quickly developed a sweet bond that has lasted beyond graduation. Then Jason is the mastermind behind my website who quickly became my hero in all things technical!!
To best describe them...She is the electricty and he is the grounding wire... I love being with them and cant wait to shoot their wedding in CANCUN next month!
... it will be a week long party at which I am honored to not only be their photographer but their friend!

We were shooting against this red door when Karla turned around and threw up this little heart pose. I thought it was so adorable it deserved to go on the blog!


|| davidjay || said...

I love these! Especially the b/w, the girl leaning back (so cute) and the please don't pinch!

I forgot to RSS your new blog so I've been missing out!


Heather said...


Love, Love, LOVE these pictures. So jealous that you are traveling so much! Wish I was with you. I miss our talks. :)

Hope all is well. Love the pix!

Love ya.


Heaven's Eye Phtotography said...

I started to list my favorites and erased them because it turns out that I LOVE ALL OF THEM! Really great work with these two. You can tell that they had a blast....but who doesn't with you! Kathy

Shyla said...

My blog missed you Deej!!


Shannon said...

I was an RA at Biola for 2 years! Whew! fun job, huh?? How exciting to shoot a resident's wedding :)

Sandra Salisbury said...

these are really beautiful! You did a great job. I love the first one the most. And the last is super cute.. great use of a sign.

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