Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Annemarie + Brett | Firestone Winery Wedding

The honor of shooting peers within the wedding photography industry is such a sweet gift. Being trusted with the memories of those who have a sea of people to choose from is like being pinned with one of those lapel pins that flashes it's blinky red lights.
You know the ones, right?
They are usually adorned with ribbons and draw the attention of anyone within the vicinity while silently screaming HAPPY BIRTHDAY or I'M OVER THE HILL or CLASS OF 2010!.
Sure, you may think them obnoxious and perhaps even tacky but I LOVED them as a child. Don't worry internet- I am WAY more mature now.
I mean totally.
Anyway... I proudly wore my imaginary pin and smiled every time I caught a blink out of the corner of my eye at my sweet gift from the future Bollmans.... But then it hit me. This couple is friends with several other wedding photography, which means those friends will be at the wedding. *gulp* It was then that I understood that that flashing pin puts me on display in front of many of my peers. I quickly threw my lapel decoration in the drawer and prayed to God that I wouldn't make some big wedding photographer fopaux.
Well, the wedding is over and aside from DJ calling me out for not making a slideshow at the reception or having something posted the next day, It went off pretty well. ;) But now I have to actually SHOWit - the images that is. (and a cheesy plug at Brett's job - be nice, its 1:30 am and I'm on a red eye.)

Anyway, thankfully Brett and Annemarie know how to rock the camera and made my job super easy.

So now I humbly present you a gazillion pictures of the fabulous Brett and Annemarie Bollman!


SO much emotion. Annemarie kept trying to hide her tears behind her bouquet.

A beautiful rainbow to usher in the ceremony.

I simply adore the look on Brett's face! He reminds me of a giddy lil' school boy.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fourth o' July

I live in quite possibly the most perfect town :) Every season makes me feel like I've walked into a Norman Rockwell painting and The fourth of July was no exception. It's the weekend that this town comes truly alive.
This year our community of friends walked in the Horribles parade and I had the pleasure of making the costumes. 10 little lobsters! And since the parade has political references, we had a little fun marching to some kid...err, LOBSTER friendly protests. ;) (special thanks to e-man for his witty slogans!)

And now for some iphone-alicious shots!

no offense to all my canadian friends.... I love you all.

and thanks to the texican for building our boat-float!

I was in charge of making desserts for our BBQ and I thought they deserved to have their picture taken! "sparklers" for the kids and Panna Cotta with rasperry sauce for the adults. Yum Yum.

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