Saturday, March 29, 2008

Team Yu | photographers

Meet Tony and Anna Yu. Fellow Boston Photographers whom I met at my first New England PUG meeting. I was intrigued because Tony is the only Russian-speaking-TALL asian man I know!

We have become fast friends, and since he used to be a car insurance agent, he has been helping me fight the insurance company after my accident.
Because he knows the system, Tony helped me get $1200 more back from the insurance company than they were willing. Those weasels.

anyway, we met up today to shoot some fun stuff!
The day started off with lunch at my favorite restaurant FlatBread Co. (if you live in New England, please go find one, trust me.) and then we headed to the Natick Collection for some indoor shooting.

Um, yeah we essentially got kicked out of the mall three times... and escorted ( that a nice word for followed) out TWICE.
oh well. apparently they have "mall rules" that no one could clarify but rather just enforce.

Despite our rebellion, we got some fun shots :)

And of course.... we had the pleasure of Mr. Laurits' company today.
This boy is like the one man circus. He'll have you laughing...then crying (from laughter of course)...and then in complete shock that a 28 yr old man can so successfully act half his age.
Here's a glimpse of the evening's entertainment. [and in case you are wondering, that would be my scarf that he shoved down his pants and pulled out the hole in the crotch region.....oh boy]

(ps) I'm officially addicted to Canon....but shhh, dont tell my Nikon.

Monday, March 24, 2008

"Man, There's LIFE in those eyes"

Yesterday I had a rather unconventional Easter.
I am used to spending the holidays with my family so being out here on the East Coast with no family around was definitely different.
I decided to take a long bike ride and simply enjoy the sunshine and the BEAUTIFUL day.
I just cant help but smile at the beauty and wonder of creation....being outside in nature fuels my passions, creativity, and ignites an ever evolving wonder, so I couldnt imagine a better way to spend the holiday.
I saddled up and decided to ride to my new favorite restaurant, Flatbread Co., in Bedford for lunch. It was there I met Claudia. Claudia was my server and there was something about the way her eyes danced that made me smile. Despite the pain she is currently going though, there was a life in her eyes that you just couldn't ignore. We spent the next two hours exchanging stories and we decided to continue our friendship when she got off work.
We headed to Cambridge and listened to a jazz band followed by some poetry reading.
These three gentlemen had that same life in their eyes so I took pictures! Can't you see their passion?!

Next we headed to a venue where middle eastern music was playing, and belly dancers were shaking their groove thang. they too had life in their eyes, but what caught me was this gentleman who walked in with a rather solemn look on his face, I took his picture, we made eye contact and he started to laugh.... again with the LIFE.

Then today, I trekked to a local coffee shop for a little reading and this gentleman asked to sit next to me, I obliged and after his failed attempts at hitting on me, we started talking about life and he shared his story. When he heard I was a photographer he asked for his picture taken... all I had was my iPhone so I snapped this shot and as he surveyed the portrait he exclaimed... " I look like a Hippy, but MAN, There is LIFE in my eyes."
I wish you could have seen him smile.

I, in turn, smiled and realized how blessed I have been the last few days to experience a piece of each of these lives, each individual has something so special to share... something that apparently is prologued through the eyes.

So, what I learned in the last 24 hours? or rather, what was reiterated... ?

The eyes are a prologue to an amazing story.


Friday, March 21, 2008

"God, that's good!"

I received a wonderful gift via the UPS man today!
My dear friend Scott works in the PR/Marketing department for major movie studio DVD releases, and decided to send me a little gift...

YET TO BE RELEASED, special edition DVDs of the following movies. I was so excited I squealed!

So here is my thank you....(brought to you by eyeliner, lipstick, and photobooth!)

[cue music]
I feel you,
I feel you.
[insert ear plugs so you don't suffer from my lack of singing abilities]

Thanks again Scotty!!! xoxo

WPPI 2008

My third attendace to the annual WPPI convention this year was most certainly a whirlwind.
the two years prior involved at least 6 days in the city of sin... Both visits involved me working in some capacity and was freckled with industry parties and the loss of brain cells from smoke inhalation.
This year, however, I was simply a photographer... Meandering the trade-show floor, fondling albums, hugging everyone in sight, and yes...going to industry parties and losing brain cells from smoke inhalation. (that last one is a given when going to vegas.)
I was only there 3 days this time but ... "My hug tank has been replenished!"... so I am one happy camper.

and a confession....I did the UNTHINKABLE... I didnt bring my camera! to a photoconference!
I know, I know. ( The flogging will commence out back)
but I was really looking forward to traveling without checking bags, so all I brought was what I needed to be presentable in public (which isn't really saying much in Vegas)

anyway... if you want an idea of what Vegas was to me this year, check out Anne Ruthman's photo of us that she grabbed and I randomly found on the internet...
This would be what happens when you adjust to East Coast time and then try to party like a West Coaster...

and a snag from Blu to prove we weren't lame the WHOLE time :)

The Kubota Action Man.... Gotta love super-heros!

On top of it all, I am so honored to know each of you who I already call my friend, and each of you who sought me out and introduced yourself ... thank you.
Thank you for loving me, thank you for knowing me, and thank you for hugging me... I am richer because of YOU! :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Translation: Rangefinder! (said with a Boston accent)

Last year, after WPPI, I received an email from Rangefinder Magazine asking to run a featurette on me for the 2008 WPPI wedding issue. Rather surpised, but flattered, I agreed and thus we have the below article written by my new friend Linda May. (Linda is working on a novel when she is not writing for Rangefinder, so I would like to take the time to wish her luck on her adventures!)

With my article, I was asked to submit 25 of my favorite wedding images and after hours of trying to pick ONLY twenty-five, I sent my images and put the article out of my mind. That is until LAST WEEK when I received an email announcing that one of my images was chosen for the cover.
WHAT?! did you say COVER?!!?!
Again I was floored but honored to be given this opportunity. I cant thank my friends over at Rangefinder ( Bill, Abby, Linda, & Skip) enough for their kindness. Rock on Rangefinder!

Also, my sweet friends MeRa Koh and Amber Holritz make a debut in this months edition. It's a party between the pages!

The issue has been released online and the hardcopies will be distributed at WPPI next week!

The Cover

You can read the article here.

*dont worry mom... I'll send you lots of copies :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Doug Levy | umpire

Today was GORGEOUS here in beantown... a bit frigid, but beautiful none the less.
Now that I have started to settle in a little bit, its time to dust off that camera and get some REAL shooting in.
These sessions are my favorite because I get to style AND shoot.

When Doug and I planned this shoot, he agreed to let me style him...
So, I show up to the field this morning with multiple bags from my shopping adventures and the poor guy was so embarrassed with a few of the items I picked out. hahaha. Lets just say I had a few specific looks in mind that happened to contradict everything in his closet (hence the shopping on my part). Regardless, I think he pulled them off quite well :)

So... meet Doug. The school teacher- photographer-news paper journalist- and Umpire. 6 months of his life every year is devoted to professional umpiring and he leaves tomorrow for spring training. Lets hope these pics can help him get some chicks.... you know, with all the spare time he has ;)

so without further adieu.... lots 'o' pics.

Good Luck on your crazy adventures Dougy-buttercup-precious-dizzle! ;)

Friday, March 7, 2008

Light Painting

Tonight started out at the Orpheum Community Theatre in Foxboro for a lil' shootin' & Shakespeare. My new buddy Doug was there shooting for the Patriot Ledger and invited me on a little adventure. The night got off to a GREAT start when a gentleman cast member affectionately referred to Doug as 'honey' and 'precious' ( great ego boost for an guy, 'eh?). I nearly lost my my drink through my nose when I heard this.

So after that was finished, "Precious" and I headed out to Lake Massapoag for some fun light painting. Armed with a D200, Tri-pod, and a 2-million candlepower flashlight... we set up to paint some night pics.
I was so excited to experiment!

Ok, you must pardon the cheese of this first photo.... I just couldn't resist!

The first few were totally trial and error, but once we neared frost bite stage, we finally started to get some pretty awesome images!! :)

You should have seen us, we both have the attention span of a ferret on crystal meth [bonus points if you can tell me what movie that is from!!], so after each exposure, we were crouched down staring at a blank screen waiting upwards of two minutes for the photo to show. It was an excruciating few minutes of shivering and anticipation. LOL


The last shot of the night ended up being our money shot! 2min. exposure at ISO 200 F/5.6 with a 10.5 fisheye.


What is it about us photographers that can't imagine life without a camera permanently attached to our hands?

Thursday, March 6, 2008

"Pahk the Cah in Hahvahd Yahd"

So I am falling in love with Boston accents. Perhaps it's that it is new and something I did not grow up with, but I just love walking around town and hearing people speak.
Because of this, Doug planned a 'dialect dinner' last night. You know, where the boys speak in their thickest Boston accent and I talk like a valley girl over some good ol' fashion southern food. It was awesome.

So, allow me to introduce you to Doug and James...
James (The Fed) has an awesome Boston accent and a heart of gold! I met him back in Oct at PhotoPlus, and RE-met him at the Boston PUG last month! Him and his wife are so fun! Plus, today is his birthday so go leave him a little lovin'
Then there is Doug. Doug is well... he's just Doug. He's wicked awesome because not only is he a school teacher but he is also a professional Umpire, and in his spare time he is ALSO a photographer. aye aye aye... I can't keep up! I have been trying to get him to post this picture as his blog profile because its like my fav, But he doesnt think its professional, so Ill just show ya'all here...
Photobucket See, he rocks.

And of course, when you get three photographers together, how could you NOT goof off with cameras?
here are some of our crazy antics.... at a pahking gahage in Havahd square. We looked like COMPLETE amateurs (or idiots, whatever you prefer!) haha.

But let me preface this with..... I HAD TOO MUCH SUGAR YESTERDAY

so my friends, that is what photographers do when its non-wedding season. LOL

You know what this face is?? Thats the face of a girl who learned some cool new flash stuff thanks to these hooligans ! But you will have to wait for those on another post ;)


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Rock on!

I had the most amazing time at the Rockstar workshop this week!! I felt so naked without my camera so I am still relying on everyone else's images to supply my blog posts.
we havent seen them ALL yet, but a lot of the attendees have been sending me images. Here are some more of my favs...

These are from Corey McNabb!

Princess Shyla and Darth Laurits battle it out. I won of course. ;)

Look what I had to deal with!!!....


MY FAV SHOT from Meggie Velasco....

And a SPECIAL thanks to Nathan at Photographer's Edit for buying our dinner at this amazing place!
Good ol' fried southern heart attacks right here...

The cloggers managed to drag a few of the attendees out onto the dance floor.

Some of the group
Jill S, Amber, Corey, moi, Eric, and Scott

Here is a lovely group shot!! My amazing LaCour.ShootQ friends came for a visit! I heart them!

so I would post them all if I could but there are just sooooo many, and I feel bad stealing all the images of the other models without their permission.

Oh and I totally forgot to tell you...
I am no longer a ticket virgin! Apparently the speed limit in Virginia is NOT 82mph! lol.

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