Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Rock on!

I had the most amazing time at the Rockstar workshop this week!! I felt so naked without my camera so I am still relying on everyone else's images to supply my blog posts.
we havent seen them ALL yet, but a lot of the attendees have been sending me images. Here are some more of my favs...

These are from Corey McNabb!

Princess Shyla and Darth Laurits battle it out. I won of course. ;)

Look what I had to deal with!!!....


MY FAV SHOT from Meggie Velasco....

And a SPECIAL thanks to Nathan at Photographer's Edit for buying our dinner at this amazing place!
Good ol' fried southern heart attacks right here...

The cloggers managed to drag a few of the attendees out onto the dance floor.

Some of the group
Jill S, Amber, Corey, moi, Eric, and Scott

Here is a lovely group shot!! My amazing LaCour.ShootQ friends came for a visit! I heart them!

so I would post them all if I could but there are just sooooo many, and I feel bad stealing all the images of the other models without their permission.

Oh and I totally forgot to tell you...
I am no longer a ticket virgin! Apparently the speed limit in Virginia is NOT 82mph! lol.


eric said...

I totally kicked your butt in the lightsaber fight. You're gone, baby. gone.

and don't pretend you didn't like those face licks. [that's my special move, by the way]


amber said...

I miss you!

Much love.


Shyla said...

E- I liked the face licks as much as I liked the fact that you wiped your runny nose on my veil or stuck my finger up your nose mid-pose!

PLUS, everyone always knows that good wins over evil, and in this case.... I am D-D-DEFINITELY the good one. You got a good arse-kickin'... ask anyone, they will side with me ;)

A- ditto babe, ditto.

AnnaQuiz said...

I liked the Light Saber Fight best!!! -Miss Anna Quiz =D

Krista Guenin Photography said...

I'm so sorry you had to put up with that horrible :e: guy! At least you kicked his butt with the light saber! ;)

so glad you're back in boston!!!

david & kimi baxter said...

you make some cute faces even if they were helped along with eric's hand! love the sabre fight!

Jasmine said...

did i ever tell you how HOT you are?!
miss u!

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