Thursday, March 6, 2008

"Pahk the Cah in Hahvahd Yahd"

So I am falling in love with Boston accents. Perhaps it's that it is new and something I did not grow up with, but I just love walking around town and hearing people speak.
Because of this, Doug planned a 'dialect dinner' last night. You know, where the boys speak in their thickest Boston accent and I talk like a valley girl over some good ol' fashion southern food. It was awesome.

So, allow me to introduce you to Doug and James...
James (The Fed) has an awesome Boston accent and a heart of gold! I met him back in Oct at PhotoPlus, and RE-met him at the Boston PUG last month! Him and his wife are so fun! Plus, today is his birthday so go leave him a little lovin'
Then there is Doug. Doug is well... he's just Doug. He's wicked awesome because not only is he a school teacher but he is also a professional Umpire, and in his spare time he is ALSO a photographer. aye aye aye... I can't keep up! I have been trying to get him to post this picture as his blog profile because its like my fav, But he doesnt think its professional, so Ill just show ya'all here...
Photobucket See, he rocks.

And of course, when you get three photographers together, how could you NOT goof off with cameras?
here are some of our crazy antics.... at a pahking gahage in Havahd square. We looked like COMPLETE amateurs (or idiots, whatever you prefer!) haha.

But let me preface this with..... I HAD TOO MUCH SUGAR YESTERDAY

so my friends, that is what photographers do when its non-wedding season. LOL

You know what this face is?? Thats the face of a girl who learned some cool new flash stuff thanks to these hooligans ! But you will have to wait for those on another post ;)



allan z. said...

ha ha hah...those are really cool! miss yah shy! :P

douglaslevyphotography said...

I can't believe you put that baseball photo up! That's too funny. That photo of you in the hat is great! Rockin' the "Boston" hat.

Too much sugar huh? Nice, next time we'll get some pixie sticks. :-)

Fed said...

Ya Doug the Really BIG pixie sticks :)

My accent isn't that bad, lol.
Awesome! Doug's infamous photo made its debut.

Heaven's Eye Phtotography said...

Those are all classic! I wonder if Doug freaks out later about swapping spit with the irate coaches. I knew they get right up in each other's grills in baseball, but that photo really shows the intensity of it it! The phone booth looked lie a blast. I LOVE the one of all of you laughing. K It also just dawned on me what the titke actually said:) Little slow

Team Yu Photography said...

This looks like FUN! Love the last pic.

P.S. Have you eve gotten that car issue resolved?

eric said...

dude. pissah.

david & kimi baxter said...

your pics are just too fun shy!!!

Shyla said...

I heart you ALL!!!

Alan- vegas?

Doug and James- I would knock you out on pixie stick downing!

K- that's my favorite one too!! :) I cant wait to go to a game and see Doug actually get in a spit swap match with a manager! hee hee

Tony- Still workin' on that!

e- um, does 'Pissah' have any relation to a 'Hoppah'?

Fed said...

Wicked Pissah!! :)

Krista Guenin Photography said...

yeah, e, it's wicked pissah!

looks like a blast shy! Next time you're going to Red Bones - call me!! I heart BBQ!!!!

Felipe Pereira said...

It's funny that you dig the accent. I grew up in MA and I made a conscious effort to not develop the accent and to pronounce my R's.

Whatever you do, never go to New Bedfuhd lol

Maureen said...

So funny. Glad to see you're embracing beantown and all it's glory ;-0

Nicole said...

My favorite one is the one where you are all laughing in the photo booth!!!! that is amazing! ;)

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