Friday, February 29, 2008

Blog Jackin' Action!

Ok so we wrapped up day 3 of modeling yesterday down here at the McNabb Rockstar workshop and since Ive been on the other side of the camera, I dont have anything of my own to show.... SOOOO I copy-jacked Eric and Amber's blogs.

Even though Eric was my groom-extraordinaire, he still managed to snap a few fun photos. Have I mentioned lately how much I like his work? :)

eric laurits wedding photography

eric laurits wedding photography

eric laurits wedding photography

eric laurits wedding photography

Eric won a prize at the workshop with this shot. I think its one of my favorites!

A shot of our fearless leaders Corey and Amber. True rockstars!!

these are from Amber.

eric laurits wedding photography

eric laurits wedding photography

eric laurits wedding photography

eric laurits wedding photography

eric laurits wedding photography

eric laurits wedding photography

This is like one of 5 shots I have taken all week. haha. But Eric put a false copy-write on it so legal action will soon follow ;)

One last one sent to me from John and Lindsay Bamber. John and Lindsay also modeled for us... they were AMAZING!!!!

Um, yeah... it was definitely only 25 degrees out side.  Brrrrrrr!!!

Thats it for now... I will post more soon!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

McNabb modeling.

So Eric and I have been modeling for the Rockstar workshop this week..... and after hanging out in 24 degree weather with no coat, we all stopped into good ol' Starbucks to warm up a bit.

so fun!

Oh, and a quick shot of our engagement session the night before last.... LOL

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I am _________!

Yesterday's post contains a little slideshow we put together for the VOA and the end of the show features an 'I AM' project....
We asked every subject to describe themselves in one word. The word had to be positive and something they felt truly described them. It was so amazing to see the beauty of each and every soul that shined forth amidst the hardships they are currently facing.
As we were shooting, a few of us made signs for ourselves... (although Sarah and Amy took it a little literally... haha)

Sooo... let me ask you.... if you could describe yourself in one word (and the word has to be positive!) what would it be??
Please leave a comment and lemme know!!
I find this exercise to be so enthralling, and tells me a lot about you in one word. :)

Monday, February 25, 2008

Love is... | february

"Everybody can be great because everybody can serve" - Martin Luther King

This month's "Love is... " project focuses on a group we had the opportunity to volunteer with a few weeks ago...

The Volunteers of America

7 photographers....Jasmine Star, Liana Lehman, Amy Nave, Sarah Barlow, Crystal Goss, Jenna Walker and myself teamed up with the VOA and documented all their projects in the Denver area. They were in need of new marketing materials and photos for their libraries.

The collective efforts of all 7 photographers produced the following slideshow for VOA to use in their marketing :)

I swear I cant stop watching it!

"Love is not a feeling in the chest, it is bending down to wash another's feet" - Andrew Peterson


Hahaha.... so, check this out.
Eric and I roadtripped from NYC to NC yesterday to attend/help-out with the Rockstar workshop. Last night was the meet and greet at Corey's studio and eric decided to make quite the statement with a foo-man-choo, fish hat, and a sparkly tux that was a few sizes too small....


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hey, Hey, I wanna be a Rockstar!

Hello beautiful people.

Thanks to the wonderful Corey McNabb , I will undergo a week-long intensive training on how to be a rockstar!

I'm off to help out at The Rockstar Workshop in beautiful Asheville, NC.
(side note: This will make the 21st state I have driven in in the first two months of 2008...crazy 'eh?)
My life is a grand adventure indeed....haha

So for all you photographers out there, Corey will be taking his Rockstar awesomeness on the road for all you people to enjoy in the comfort of your home town. The dynamic duo of Corey and Amber Holritz recently announced the Rockstar Roadtrip that will be galavanting up and down the East Cost from March 24th - April 7.

I hear he will make you great like Elvis...without the tassels.

I'll be at the Boston one, so come on out for the day and let me meet all you fab Boston photographers!

*I will be back in the office at the beginning of March... so if my lovely clients have any questions, please feel free to call the cellular!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Yay Mark!

My bro is totally getting his business going and I am so proud of him!
Check out some marketing stuff that he shot for Kool Collars, that made it on

way to go Marky Mark, keep up the good work :)

Here is the full length article... the collars are actually pretty cool.

Shyla, out. ;)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Love Day!

what?! its valentines day ALREADY? haha.

A friend of mine mentioned last night that today is Single Awareness Day. I’d never heard that label for Feb 14th and it truly saddened me. Not out of a reality that he was right or anything... just out of the realization that one calendar date can cause so much pain in people’s lives.

Ive never seen V-day as a depressing holiday [and no, its not because I have ever had a significant other on that date, because I havent ;)]....but I don’t want to discount how many people truly feel saddened on this day.

I had the opportunity to be an RA in college to a floor of all girls. All I heard leading up to this day, was how depressed they were. Sooo, in an attempt to ease the pain, I drove down to the flower district in LA and ordered a gazillion roses. Then spent all day de-throning and writing little notes to each of my girls letting them know how loved and cared for they were. One girl in particular shared how much her little note touched her and helped her out of the wallowing of not having a significant other...

So, to all you single blog stalkers, I may not be able to send each and every one of you a rose with personal encouragement, but I do just want to say you are wonderful just as you are. Beautiful, whole, complete... amazing and capable of touching and impacting so many lives with a love that has nothing to do with romance. You’ve heard me say it before, but in the words of Andrew Peterson... “Love is not a feeling in the chest, it is bending down to wash another’s feet” (Translation: humble yourselves to serve others)
So if you arent doing anything tonight... click here and show love to someone else instead of sitting home and wallowing :) Then you can get up, put aside the chick flick, throw your shoulders back and SMILE!

But, since today is about love, check out one of my favorite songs of the moment. :)
'Better Than Love' by Griffin House

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Feelin' Blu

My lovely friends at Blu gave me a little interview lovin' over on their blog yesterday! It was quite fun because they asked for a picture of me holding a sign with my age on it. I tried to get a little creative with it and the amazing Liana Lehman did the shooting. There was a *big* hurricane that day. LOL ;)

Can I just say how AMAZING the Blu team has been with the launch of my new site? I have just been so happy with everything. Thanks guys for the awesome experience!!!

Click HERE to read the interview and make sure to leave Kailee some lovin'!


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

fall in love.

As I was filtering through and trying to re-populate my blog after the BIG ORDEAL with my missing host company last month, I found this image and decided to ressurect it from the archives.
Re-populating the last 6 months worth of blog entries is a bigger project than I imagined, so its taking longer than expected.... but, I thought this image fit with the theme of the week. :)

ok, now go fall in love and then tell me all about, I am a sucker for love stories ;)


Sunday, February 10, 2008

A little magic.

I am working on getting settled here in Boston so my camera didn't make it out of the bag for the last three days. Im headed off to shoot as we speak, but first I thought I'd share a little bit of magic.

Meet my new friends... Ella & Amanda.
We broke out the 'magic' nail polish this morning for a little girly time. This light pink glitter is designed to turn BRIGHT pink when exposed to the sun. Technically my mom brought this back from a cruise to the Cayman Islands, but as far as Ella and Amanda are concerned, its MAGIC. ;)

Here are a few iphone shots... :)

Freshly painted, you can barely see it...

but after a little sun exposure ( uh, I mean MAGIC), its bright pink!

Ok, time to go make some more magic! ;)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What are you waiting for?!

As Seth says...The machines may look like a cross between a "fusebox and a prison", but get your butt out and VOTE on this 'Galactic Interstellar Tuesday'!

I have seen this video on different friend's blogs, and its truly impacting. As a nation, as a people, and with a heart to be united as the UNITED States of America, we can make a difference.
In the dictionary, the word 'united' is likened unto the word "harmony". Harmony doesn't consist of the exact same tones necessarily but they all compliment each other in their uniqueness... a simultaneous combination of DIFFERENT tones.
Who you vote for or believe in is up to you, but I would hope that there is unity in the true heart of the matter. Then together, in our own uniqueness, we can make a change...a difference....and a stronger people.

ok, now go vote, please. :)

The ballot is stronger than the bullet.
- Abraham Lincoln

Sunday, February 3, 2008

SLIGHT change of plans

Alright.... so my adventure began at 4:30 am and came to a screeching halt (literally) at about 8:30am.
I was originally taking this trip alone but last minute, my brother was able to get the time off work so I had someone to go through this with... thank GOD!
we hit some ice and flew across a few lanes before rolling, but thankfully we walked away un-scratched. I got a nasty bruise, but all that is really damaged is my car and my plans. ;)
Um... I think the pictures say enough.

An ambulance showed up... dont know who called them though.

As soon as we stopped sliding, I had a moment of complete shock and then just started laughing.... What else can you do, It's just a car. :)

We are sitting in a really icky hotel right now, but it's all there is in this middle-of-nowhere town. The insurance adjustor cant assess the damage until tomorrow so it looks like we are stuck here for the night. The guy at the body shop thinks it's totaled. *SIGH*

well, I wanted an adventure... looks like I get a FULL ON adventure :)

[edit: The estimated cost of repairs were just quoted at $10,015.24.... basically the entire LEFT side needs to be cut off another car and welded onto mine]

The Great Eastern Migration!

click. click. click. click.
if you are anything like me, you love roller coasters. Even though my first rollercoaster involved me being 8 years old, screaming at the top of my lungs, and sucker punching my mother who made we embark on such a traumatic experience. I have since developed a deep love for the thrill, excitement, and adventure of it all.
As most of you know, there is this period of 'click. click. click.' as you are gearing up to take the plunge. That clicking fosters different feelings for different people, but usually its a mixture of fear and excitement before you WHOOSH away on your adventure.
Well, that's the feeling I have felt the last few days...

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to visit New England and I fell in love with the East Coast. I was living in SoCal at the time because I moved there for college and just stayed to start my business... but my heart wasn't there. SOOOO, I made the decision to try a new adventure. I figured 'what the HECK', I am young, single and have nothing holding me back, so why not just try something new and crazy.

I had it narrowed down to Portland, Maine and New Haven, CT... but then an opportunity arose in Boston, MA and that's the one that totally worked out, so, long story short.... I am OFF TO BOSTON!

So the click click click has been a bit nerve racking but I am officially on my way. And what a better way to kick off a new adventure than with a 3000 mile road trip?!

And since today is SuperBowl Sunday, I figured I would dress for the occasion even though I wont be able to watch the game......

My bro did these before I left this morning... we have way too much fun.

They are my new home team.... so..... GO PATS!
Um, will someone please text or email me updates? The first leg of my trip is 30 hours! :(.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Project Everlasting | the bachelors

You may have heard me rave about this project several times before (here & here), but here we go again....

Project Everlasting is the collaborative efforts of two bachelors on a quest find out what makes a successful marriage. Armed with an RV, video crew, and a list of questions, they ventured across America interviewing couples married 40 years or longer. I cannot express how passionate about this project and their efforts I am. After reading their book and watching their video(s), I feel like I have learned so much from their journeys and interviews that would not only be beneficial in a marriage relationship (If I ever decide to embark on that adventure), but also in EVERY relationship I will have in life. The principals gleaned apply to each and every relational encounter you or I may have.
I encourage everyone to pick up a copy and get lost in the stories of marriage masters who have defied odds and become what is considered an anomaly in today's culture... Perhaps you will find yourself in these accounts of humanity and love.

So, today I have the pleasure of shooting Mat Boggs and Jason Miller. The Bachelors of Project Everlasting. They needed a few new promo shots and concepts images for some new projects they are working on.
We goofed off for three hours or so and their hilarious antics had me in stitches!! I thoroughly enjoyed myself. :)
Afterwards, Jason and I headed to this amazing restaurant in downtown Portland and topped the evening off with good conversation while exchanging dreams and passions. These gentlemen have people at the core of their hearts and want nothing more than to make an impact on the world. I am honored to have spent time with them

Without further adieu, here is some proof of the fun....

I call this the 'men in black' shot

Jason Miller

Mat Boggs

Check out Mat's beads... they were given to him by the Dalai Lama!

Mat and Jason will begin a new radio series called 'The Bachelor Pad: Secrets from the Man Cave.' It will be a call in radio show where men discuss all the things the 'know' or wish to understand about women. [That will definitely be entertaining!]
I pulled this from their blog...
I will TOTALLY be eavesdropping on this one! ;)

Here are a few shots with 'The Bachelor Pad' concept.
Haha, yes, those are my boots.

I think this was my favorite from the day...

But these next 2 are a close tie for second.

I love this image...

Thank you Gentlemen for touching lives and being difference makers! :)

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