Sunday, February 10, 2008

A little magic.

I am working on getting settled here in Boston so my camera didn't make it out of the bag for the last three days. Im headed off to shoot as we speak, but first I thought I'd share a little bit of magic.

Meet my new friends... Ella & Amanda.
We broke out the 'magic' nail polish this morning for a little girly time. This light pink glitter is designed to turn BRIGHT pink when exposed to the sun. Technically my mom brought this back from a cruise to the Cayman Islands, but as far as Ella and Amanda are concerned, its MAGIC. ;)

Here are a few iphone shots... :)

Freshly painted, you can barely see it...

but after a little sun exposure ( uh, I mean MAGIC), its bright pink!

Ok, time to go make some more magic! ;)


jason groupp said...

Glad you made out finally! :) We'll have to get together soon now that you're out here!

Abigail Q said...

Ohhhh they are cuties! And really... what is more fabulous then pink nail polish the changes colors? I want some.

AnnaQuiz said...

That is amazingly awesome!!!! tell your mom to get me some too!!! lol!

Kara Pennington Photography said...

Cute!!! :)

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