Tuesday, February 12, 2008

fall in love.

As I was filtering through and trying to re-populate my blog after the BIG ORDEAL with my missing host company last month, I found this image and decided to ressurect it from the archives.
Re-populating the last 6 months worth of blog entries is a bigger project than I imagined, so its taking longer than expected.... but, I thought this image fit with the theme of the week. :)

ok, now go fall in love and then tell me all about, I am a sucker for love stories ;)



Kara Pennington Photography said...

love this one :) so cute!

Sara D Harper Photography said...

If only it were that easy..haha. How's the move? We should talk soon!

Rachel Brooke said...

i like this energetic shot! makes me want to go squeeze my husband :)

Studio Foto said...

Hi Shyla,

I love people that are in love and are not afraid to show it!!! It was awesome to finally meet you last night and welcome to the east coast. Krystal and I would love to spend more time getting to know you. By the way its a Hyundai not a toyota... at least they were both blue:)

Wayne MB SC said...

Lyrics from my upcoming song "Like a Summer Rain
you fell into to my world
you cleared away the gray and brought Diamonds and pearls
with your smiling face the sun shown though, Baby what are we going to do...dada da mixing as we comment will get one out to the new girl in bean town...peace

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