Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Feelin' Blu

My lovely friends at Blu gave me a little interview lovin' over on their blog yesterday! It was quite fun because they asked for a picture of me holding a sign with my age on it. I tried to get a little creative with it and the amazing Liana Lehman did the shooting. There was a *big* hurricane that day. LOL ;)

Can I just say how AMAZING the Blu team has been with the launch of my new site? I have just been so happy with everything. Thanks guys for the awesome experience!!!

Click HERE to read the interview and make sure to leave Kailee some lovin'!



AnnaQuiz said...

Hahaha! that is so cool. Guess what!?! i have your same boots! how freekin'awesome is that?!?!
-*Miss Anna Quiz*

Tabitha & Larry said...

I love these shots!
It was so nice chatting with you last night. I'm glad you are here in Boston! Let us know if you need anything. We'd love to help.

david & kimi baxter said...

happy valentine's day shy!

Liana said...

Hehe! I'm SOOOO happy we finally found 26th street ;)

Going over to read your interview now. Miss u!!

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