Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sage + Young | married [pt.1]

What a beautiful way to kick off wedding season! My first wedding of the year offered up a fluke 60 degree day amidst a few snow storms so everyone was in good spirits. I think even the drivers on the road were feeling kind on that day! (I took special notice because it's a rarity here in MA)

Anyway, I was looking forward to this day from the moment I met Sage and Young. The two of them together simply made me smile... and Sage's fashion forward plans for her big day made me smile even bigger. Paisley shoes, peacock feathers, birdcage veil... YAY for me.

There is no way I could condense my favorite imagery from this wedding into one post so I have decided to break it up a bit. First you get to see the fashiony side...
Sage and Young did the unheard of... they gave me like 3 hours to shoot portraits before the ceremony! What do you do with 3 hours?! well... take a peek.

A special thank you and I LOVE YOU to my amazing team! Carla Ten Eyck and Mike. These two went above and beyond., I dont know if I can sing their praises enough. I think the best part was that Carla has bright pink streaks in her hair that matched my branding so with all three of us dressed in black, her pink streaks and my pink flower in my hair, we looked quite professionals! wait... err.... I mean we looked good ;) xoxo

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Roots 2009

If you've been following this blog for sometime you know I attended the ROOTS 2008 workshop in Cape Cod last summer and you have probably heard me talk quite a bit about it throughout a few posts since then. I have also received a few emails about this workshop and inquiries as to if it's worth the investment....

Allow me to publicly announce my answer is yes...yes...and YES.

If you are a wedding photographer who is jaded to workshops and can honestly admit you are "over it"... First of all let me say I am there with you. Secondly, I invite you to simply take a look and consider what it would be like to attend a gathering of industry professionals and focus on craft versus technicalities. I would recommend everyone attend something of this caliber... [but only if you want to be taken out of your comfort zone and placed in a whole new world with you aspiring to bigger and better things.... and more beautiful stories ;) ] You will have the opportunity to work with brilliant minds in the newspaper/photojournalism world. I suggest hopping on over to the site and at least reading the bios ;)

Emilie launched a new video from our week on the cape... makes me want to sign up and attend all over again!

***Check it out!***

They still have a few spots open for this year's workshop! If you come out, stay an extra day and come up to play in Boston... I'll give you a tour!

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