Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Project Everlasting | the bachelors

Taking part in the launch of new lives is such an exhilarating experience. As most of us wedding photographers understand, there is a joy and deep satisfaction in knowing our services cater to the beginning of a beautiful journey between two lovers. In today's culture, however, the dissolution of these unions is all too prevalent and as a single gal, who has yet to embark on that journey, it is easy to get discouraged. This sense of discouragement was the premise behind Project Everlasting. By desiring to be an anomaly in today's world, these two young men have set out to understand what makes marriages last and have compiled their findings into a book, thus bringing the secrets of America's Marriage Masters into our hands.

My biological parents divorced and I decided long ago that I wanted to be different... I wanted to be an abberation, I wanted to set the foundation for a legacy for future generations. So whenever I encounter couples married for 20 years or 20 days, I drill them with questions in hopes of finding the 'secret to success' and what makes marriages work! Soooo, when I found out about this project I was immediately enthralled. (You may remember me talking about it here)

One of my favorite traditions at weddings is watching the "Century Dance"... The DJ calls ALL married couples out on the dance floor and slowly eliminates them until the longest married couple is left dancing. Last weekend's wedding resulted in a couple married 60 years. The aged gentlemen donning an old fashion tuxedo was beaming as if he was dancing with his bride on their wedding days 60 yrs ago. And his bride, clutching her walker with her gnarled fingers, had a sparkle in her eye that would rival any newlywed. My heart smiled and my eyes welled up at the sight of pride and joy they had in eachother while they slowly swayed on that floor.... call me a hopeless romantic but I want THAT someday. "THAT" -being something words cant explain but speaks volumes.

Passions aside, allow me to introduce you to Mat Boggs and Jason Miller, co-authors of PROJECT EVERLASTING. These two gentlemen have a sweet gentle aire about them that you don't often find in young single men. Assumedly ascending from their 4 year journey to understand love and being immersed in love story after love story, I'm sure they couldn't help but be softened by their journey. If you ever have a chance to meet them in person or hear them speak, I can guarantee its worth the trip.... If anything you will get a great big hug! ;)

These gentlemen obviously weren't camera shy!...LOL

Mat Boggs

Jason Miller

Thanks guys... you are blessing many many people with your project!

All you wedding photographers, attendees, vendors etc... This is a great gift to give at weddings! Give them something that will help them start this new 'chapter' in their lives...lol...pardon the cheesy pun ;)


nicole green said...

wait wait wait .. they are both single and you are too!? ;)

Heaven's Eye Phtotography said...

You have a beautiful way with words and I enjoyed reading this entry. I do have the secret for you....are you ready...shhhh....it's FINDING THE RIGHT PERSON for you! There is no formulas to follow, just your instincts. And there are no guarantees, you just have to work at it all the time. But if it's all right, it doesn't seem like work at all, it's just about wanting to be a better person. Love yourself and focus on you and hopefully Mr. Shyla will walk into your world. Great shots of these guys, it makes me want to know them. K

kristy said...

all i know is that you, my dear, have a smile to die for. love ya, <3 k.

Tara Jones said...

you got to meet these guys?! where?! i just finished reading the book and i LOVED it!

Project Everlasting said...

Shyla, you're a pro! You definitely caught the mood of our lil signing day in LA. We'll have to talk about getting your photos and credits on our site! And...please tell Tara Jones that she's beautiful.

--jason miller, project everlasting

Anonymous said...

That video was amazing! I can't wait to read the book!

c r y s t a l said...

I'm going to have to pick this book up the next time I visit Barnes and Noble. sounds great and definitely sounds like something I would love to share with my couples.

Thanks for sharing, shyla! You're awesome!

Jasmine said...

Soooo awesome...I wish I could've been there with you! I love it! :)

Mike Larson said...

this is SO sweet, i love project everlasting, right on for hooking up with them!

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