Monday, July 23, 2007

Amal of Beverly Hills | fashion show

I LOOOOVE Fashion, so when I was asked to shoot a bridal fashion show at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, I was so excited! The Festival of Brides was a white & silver affair that exuded the elegance and class that is sterotypical of a hollywood event.
Amal of Beverly Hills was the featured couture gown designer that I had the pleasure of shooting for. Amal, with a thick moroccan accent and heart of gold, makes you feel like family and lacks the aire of hauter that one may expect from a well loved designer.

I felt so honored to be apart of such a wonderful event.... Thanks Amal!

Here are a few images from the day....

I love this shot of one of the models touching up her makeup...

Amal of Beverly Hills

I was in love with this Friar Tux Model... he was just so fun! We chatted a bit and he is starting to get into photography himself so that made me love him even more!


Serena said...

Shyla - It was great running into you yesterday and officially meeting you! I'm so glad you posted pics b/c there was this one dress that I really liked by Amal. And that Friar Tux Model was seriously sooo fun!

Shyla said...

Thanks for saying "hi" Serena! It was so good to meet you yesterday, I'm surprised you recognized me.

since you live so close, lets connect for lunch sometime :)

Sarah Barlow said...

I love it!

Shyla said...

I cant believe Sarah said 'SEXY'!!! haha...
Oh, no...did I corrupt you??!



kristy said...

wowsa! love the one of the woman getting ready, amazing!

Serena said...

lunch sounds great! when and where?

Tara Jones said...

these are so haut-ha ha! seriously, these are great:)

Mike Larson said...


thanks so much for filling in for me at this fashion show, i wished i could have been there, but you came in the clutch and backed me up, YOU ROCK!

i the images, seeing them makes me more bummed out i missed it! but there was no way i could be in 2 places at the same time. You are amazing SHYLA!

amal said...

hello Shayla,

It was very nice to meeting, you made my day, the pictures looks great, you are amazing.

Thank you again for all your compliments and words, the fashion
show was so successful.

love and peace


Suzanne said...

Oooh, beautiful shots of beautiful dresses....can't wait to see what you two produce together in future!

Anonymous said...

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