Thursday, January 3, 2008

LOVE is... | giving back

Let me get honest here and share a little of my heart....

We already know is undergoing a facelift... (we will be launching soon...stay tuned!)
But the passions and heart behind it all are being re-defined this year as well. We can call it a heart transplant if you will.

As I sat down and forecasted my business and personal goals for 2008, I couldn't seem separate my dreams and desires for both entities. So, rather than separating, we are embracing them as one and the same.

Someone asked me the other day why I do what I do? To be honest, I do what I do because I have a passion for people..
yes, I love photography but it's the opportunity to establish relationships, capture their lives and hearts, and bless others that keep me clicking away. At its core, its my way of giving back.

I may be stepping on toes here but I truly believe that we do not exist to serve ourselves but to truly serve others. Your vocal talents gift others... your leadership, artistic, and cooking talents bless others... every gifting and talent you posses is (at its root) intended to touch other people's lives.

So, with that in mind, is implementing a new way ensure that everything we do is (at its heart) intended to give back. Not just giving back by using talents but giving back with time and monetary resources as well


So, here is our game plan...

*Every month we will highlight a new charity/cause here on the blog. A percentage of every shoot (wedding, portrait, fashion...whatever) conducted within that month will be donated to the highlighted charity. Additionally, this will be a fun way to expose all you readers out there to charities and ways you can get involved!

*Also, thanks to the inspiration from the fabulous :e:, we will offer free Bridal Fashion sessions to brides who choose to donate their dresses to Brides Against Breast Cancer.


One more thing, I wrote this quote down a few months ago while sitting in a waiting room...
Just a thought ;)

"American Culture has become too comfortable with charity as a fashion trend or way to ease the conscience. The real social change comes from an investment of TIME, not just money. America has become much like an absent father...we throw money at things but, when it comes down to actually participating in the lives of the community, the nation, and the world, we really could care less" [Stephen Christian | lead singer of Anberlin]


eric said...

shy. you rule.

giving is the new keeping.


seek it.

Eddie Bojorquez (Studio 512) said...

Very cool stuff, Shyla. I'm stoked about your idea and love the quote. God bless everything you do this year!

seebeautiful said...

Hi Shyla,

This is so multiple ways. I've been recently following your blog and not only are your photos awesome, but you've written so many things that hit home for me. Thanks for inspiring others!

*Peace in the new year*

Shealynn Benner said...

I am a new commenter, but avid reader! This is such a great idea!!! What an inspiration!

I wanted to suggest a charity...

March of Dimes.

My youngest daughter was born 10 weeks early, so because of her, we donate to March of Dimes. It's because of them that our daughter is alive and amazing today!

Thanks for listening!

Johanna Perales said...

LOVE IT!! This is amazing!

BruinChiq said...

what an amazing and giving offer :) you truly are a beautiful soul! Thanks again so much for the CD... my hubby loves it!

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