Tuesday, January 1, 2008


I trust you all had a safe and happy New Years Eve! I dont know about you but I am so stinkin' stoked for 2008!!!

Every year, for the past like 8 years, we have thrown a New Years Party, but last minute we decided to forgo our traditional party and just keep it low-key. IT WAS PERFECT. Just me and the boys, like old times.

Growing up, I never had GIRLfriends... boys were less drama and we did cooler things like cliff jumping, camping & hiking instead of shopping! In fact, I really didn't start wearing heels until college because I couldn't hike in them. haha.


We reminisced about old times and I havent laughed as hard in a while.
Our friend George came from out of town and that boy holds the title of "person who makes me laugh the most in life". My stomach muscles are so stinkin' sore!

And, what a better way to start the new year than to cross off one of the things on my list of "things to do"...

**Play Scattergories all the way through, the right way!**

Now, there are two games I never lose at... Scrabble & Scattergories. BUT I must relinquish my Scattergories crown because I have finally met my match. George beat me by 6 points. SIX POINTS! *sigh*
(we are in a league all our own though, because we beat the other boys by over 40 points!)

And look what we dug up last night... This was all of us taken 9 years ago!! Can you tell we are from the Northwest by our pastiness?! ha.

fun times. :)

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Colley said...

So where is a picture from last night!?!?!? I want to see the madness!!! ;) love you!

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