Monday, November 19, 2007


Sometime ago, I made a list of things I wanted to do within the next few years. Every so often, I look back on it to check things off and track my progress. Almost like a reminder to get up and make them happen...
If you know anything about me, you know I LOVE adventures and I am bound and determined to do as many things as possible in this lifetime. For me, so much joy is cultivated through experience, therefore I want to experience everything!!
My goal was to accomplish this list within two years from when I wrote it, and I have checked off a lot I know a few of them may take longer than the remaining time I have left (1 year), so I have divided them into two lists. List A is feasible within the next year. List B may take a little longer ;)

LIST A (within the next year)
*Go on a road trip with no particular destination.... just get lost for a week or so.
*Musical on Broadway [completed Fall 2008]
*See the Northern Lights
*Get involved with the Make-a-Wish Foundation [completed]
*Mud Wrestle
*Run a marathon
*Go Hang-Gliding
*Take Piano Lessons
*Play in a Scrabble tournament
*Play an entire game of Scattergories all the way through, the right way [completed NYE 2008]
*Attend the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
*Ice Skate in Rockafellar center at Christmas Time
*Repel off the balcony at our church in Portland (crazy, I know, it's just something I've always wanted to do!)
*Build a tree house
*Learn to Salsa and Tango
*Learn to fly a small plane
*Go Sailing for the first time
*Swim with Dolphins
*Ride in a hot air balloon
*Read a fictional Series in its entirety [completed summer 2009 :: Harry Potter and Twilight]
*Milk a cow
*Watch a movie on the side of a building
*Learn to hula
*Make a time Capsule and bury it somewhere
*Make a bomb out of a gum wrapper ( Like Macguyver) ;)

List B (someday)
*Editorial in a Fashion Magazine
*Watch PoleVaulting at the Olympics
*Live in another Country
*Live on the Opposite Coast [completed Feb. 2008]
*Illustrate a Children's book
*Build a patio with Sparkly cement
*Drive on the Autobahn
*Be a Disney princess for a day at Disneyland!
*Experience a real Indian pow-wow
*Go to High Tea at the Palace
*Ride a Gondola in Venice
*Master the Spanish language
*Watch a COOL surgery in real life
*Get a Master's degree…just for fun
*Fill my passport with stamps before it expires in 8 years
*Ride an elephant
*See the Sistine Chapel
*Visit Greece
*Attend a Military Ball
*Start a Non-profit Organization

A few I checked off recently...
Hold a monkey (in Cancun)
Own a Hammock (bought it in Cabo San Lucas Mexico)
Boston in the Fall (Did this last Month)

What kinda crazy adventures do you wanna do??


david & kimi baxter said...

fly to the moon!

kimi baxter said...

hug a siberian tiger a polar bear and shamu.
i hope you get to do all the things your heart desires!

kimi b

Shyla said...

Oh David, Can I come with you?!

Kimi... Those sound wonderful! I can only imagine the feeling of hugging something so GIGANTIC, I would love the feeling of being so small next to such grand animals!

Leon said...

Hey Shyla... (lurker coming out of the shadows here!)

My wife has several kid books she's written and is looking for an illustrator. If this is along the lines of "doing it just for fun" you two may be quite a pair!

As far as things on my list?

• Japan to become a ninja

Shyla said...

Hello Leon!
I always love meeting new people so THANK you for saying "hi".
I would LOVE to help out your wife! I'm not like amazing or anything but I am definitely doing it 'just for fun'...have her shoot me an email...

Ohhhh... a ninja! You know, I thought I was gonna be like Karate Kid until I broke my foot on the crane kick. haha

Natalie Joy said...

I hope to give Shyla a big hug within the next year:)

STEVE DePINO said...

This is just about the best list of things to do in a lifetime, ever made!!! Although I would take the "watch a surgery live" off my list :)

Abigail Q said...

Go sailing in maine. Own a cottage in maine. Live in maine. Mmmmm... Go to a horse race, bet money ( like 2 dollars) on every horse so no matter what I can jump up and down and scream "i won!" while wearing an extremely large hat.. attend fashion week.. in paris.. spend the night in a real true castle... visit Ireland. Live in another country... work with AIDS babies in Africa... and of course meet the queen and have tea. Just a few on the list.... lol. Miss you.

Shyla said...

Natalie... your wish will be granted in a few months!

Steve... Wanna go on an adventure with me?!

Abby... I wanna go sailing in Maine and live in Maine too! You and Ryan come move out there with me and we will open a photography studio out there and live the good life. ;) miss you too babe!

STEVE DePINO said...

Would love to! I have some stuff I need to knock off my list as well :)

Sarah Barlow said...

Oh!! I want to get lost with you somewhere!! We should plan a trip!! :)


Vanessa said...

Shyla! I was floored how similar our lists are. But- I need to do some editing to yours...editorial in fashion mag needs to be moved to List A, as does live on the opposite coast- you're ready baby!

Let me know if you want to take off around the world and accomplish some of these- we can move random places and work until we have enough money to go somewhere else! Talk about an adventure!! :)

Shyla said...

Vanessa! Let's go!!! come move to the East Coast with me... PLEEEEEEAAAAASE?

amber said...

The Scattagories game must be with me!

Tyler said...

I was mad when I went to the Vatican and the Sistine chapel was closed.

I have plans with my friend Jon from Nashville to hit Europe in September for a month and a half. You should meet up with us for the Autobahn part ;O)

When I was younger I wanted to play piano like Michael W. Smith...cause girls swoon over guys that play piano. Then I decided that that wasn't a good enough reason and pursued things that catered more to my (self diagnosed) a.d.d.

I went on a cruise with a bunch of friends a couple years ago...and a couple of them got to "swim with the dolphins". If you do it...I highly recommend NOT going on the tourist attraction kind of swim. It was kinda overrated.

I have a friend that is taking me up in a Cessna soon. You should come. It'd be the first step to learning yourself(if you haven't already been.)

I've been doing a bunch of things myself lately towards my own lists. I highly recommend "The 4-Hour work week" as something to light a fire under your butt about doing the things you wanna do vs. working all the time :O)


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