Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hey, Hey, I wanna be a Rockstar!

Hello beautiful people.

Thanks to the wonderful Corey McNabb , I will undergo a week-long intensive training on how to be a rockstar!

I'm off to help out at The Rockstar Workshop in beautiful Asheville, NC.
(side note: This will make the 21st state I have driven in in the first two months of 2008...crazy 'eh?)
My life is a grand adventure indeed....haha

So for all you photographers out there, Corey will be taking his Rockstar awesomeness on the road for all you people to enjoy in the comfort of your home town. The dynamic duo of Corey and Amber Holritz recently announced the Rockstar Roadtrip that will be galavanting up and down the East Cost from March 24th - April 7.

I hear he will make you great like Elvis...without the tassels.

I'll be at the Boston one, so come on out for the day and let me meet all you fab Boston photographers!

*I will be back in the office at the beginning of March... so if my lovely clients have any questions, please feel free to call the cellular!


eric said...

oh man, you're gona be there too?

Shyla said...

Hmmm.... is it too late to back out Corey?

Brittany Leigh said...

you already are a rockstar shy!!! no "wannabe" about it! :) love love!

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