Friday, March 21, 2008

WPPI 2008

My third attendace to the annual WPPI convention this year was most certainly a whirlwind.
the two years prior involved at least 6 days in the city of sin... Both visits involved me working in some capacity and was freckled with industry parties and the loss of brain cells from smoke inhalation.
This year, however, I was simply a photographer... Meandering the trade-show floor, fondling albums, hugging everyone in sight, and yes...going to industry parties and losing brain cells from smoke inhalation. (that last one is a given when going to vegas.)
I was only there 3 days this time but ... "My hug tank has been replenished!"... so I am one happy camper.

and a confession....I did the UNTHINKABLE... I didnt bring my camera! to a photoconference!
I know, I know. ( The flogging will commence out back)
but I was really looking forward to traveling without checking bags, so all I brought was what I needed to be presentable in public (which isn't really saying much in Vegas)

anyway... if you want an idea of what Vegas was to me this year, check out Anne Ruthman's photo of us that she grabbed and I randomly found on the internet...
This would be what happens when you adjust to East Coast time and then try to party like a West Coaster...

and a snag from Blu to prove we weren't lame the WHOLE time :)

The Kubota Action Man.... Gotta love super-heros!

On top of it all, I am so honored to know each of you who I already call my friend, and each of you who sought me out and introduced yourself ... thank you.
Thank you for loving me, thank you for knowing me, and thank you for hugging me... I am richer because of YOU! :)


Melissa Koehler said...

Hi Shyla!
It was so great meeting you at the tradeshow. You are truly a ray of sunshine and the sweetest thing ever!
Big hugs

Anne said...

Haha!! I love that you found the pic!! BTW- hot booty ;-)

It was so great to get all zen in our little circle on the floor together. Hopefully I'll be lucky enough to see a lot more of you in the future!!!

Erin Melenbacker said...

Seriously!!! A real bummer. I can't believe we ran into each other twice in the same night and then never again :( Next year? Or sooner if we're ever in your area or you're ever in ours (hey, you never know).

Scarlett Lillian said...

So awesome to see your sweet face again and learn how to pronounce French with you. :-) LOL! Yeah, it occurred to me after the fact that we didn't get a pic together! Oh well, next year! If not sooner!

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