Monday, March 24, 2008

"Man, There's LIFE in those eyes"

Yesterday I had a rather unconventional Easter.
I am used to spending the holidays with my family so being out here on the East Coast with no family around was definitely different.
I decided to take a long bike ride and simply enjoy the sunshine and the BEAUTIFUL day.
I just cant help but smile at the beauty and wonder of creation....being outside in nature fuels my passions, creativity, and ignites an ever evolving wonder, so I couldnt imagine a better way to spend the holiday.
I saddled up and decided to ride to my new favorite restaurant, Flatbread Co., in Bedford for lunch. It was there I met Claudia. Claudia was my server and there was something about the way her eyes danced that made me smile. Despite the pain she is currently going though, there was a life in her eyes that you just couldn't ignore. We spent the next two hours exchanging stories and we decided to continue our friendship when she got off work.
We headed to Cambridge and listened to a jazz band followed by some poetry reading.
These three gentlemen had that same life in their eyes so I took pictures! Can't you see their passion?!

Next we headed to a venue where middle eastern music was playing, and belly dancers were shaking their groove thang. they too had life in their eyes, but what caught me was this gentleman who walked in with a rather solemn look on his face, I took his picture, we made eye contact and he started to laugh.... again with the LIFE.

Then today, I trekked to a local coffee shop for a little reading and this gentleman asked to sit next to me, I obliged and after his failed attempts at hitting on me, we started talking about life and he shared his story. When he heard I was a photographer he asked for his picture taken... all I had was my iPhone so I snapped this shot and as he surveyed the portrait he exclaimed... " I look like a Hippy, but MAN, There is LIFE in my eyes."
I wish you could have seen him smile.

I, in turn, smiled and realized how blessed I have been the last few days to experience a piece of each of these lives, each individual has something so special to share... something that apparently is prologued through the eyes.

So, what I learned in the last 24 hours? or rather, what was reiterated... ?

The eyes are a prologue to an amazing story.



andrew said...

Shy, that's awesome... you've got such a nack for connecting with others and it's a blessing to be able to document the "life" of others through YOUR eyes (oh, and a camera!). :)

Will Tangorra said...

Beautiful Shyla. Both your words and images. Thanks for the inspiration...

Michael Blanchard said...

While you obviously had a fulfilling day non the less I wish I knew you were doing nothing on Sunday - like myself! We could have done a photo field trip :) Great story tho.

Shores Photography said...


Margaret Singer said...

hey shyla! i think eric told me you were going to be moving to the area -- didn't know you were already here! we should hang.

i've got the inside scoop on great coffee around boston!


david & kimi baxter said...

love your stories shy! sorry to hear you didn't get to spend easter with your family, but it looks like you had a wonderful time anyway and gave great company to others around you.

i post | u post said...

Ok, I just spent about 20 minutes poking around on your blog after I meandered here from a link on And I'm supposed to be working! Your images and words were enthralling though. I didn't think anyone could take more fun/real/beautiful portraits or wedding photos than Eric Laurits. Boy was I wrong! Yours are in tight competition.

Maybe sometime you'd consider gracing my blog with an image for the banner/title? That'd be grrrreat!

Shyla said...

i/u: Oh heavens, there is absolutely no competition involved. I am constantly deriving inspiration from his work and the work of those around me. :) I guarantee that photogs like Eric help shape who I am and how I shoot.
I am honored by your kind words however ;)

Katie Thurmes said...

i love this. love it. love it. love it.
these thoughts are going in my little black book of things to remember : )

Enoch said...

This is such a great post Shyla. Your work is amazing. This is very inspirational and heartfelt. thanks.

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