Saturday, March 29, 2008

Team Yu | photographers

Meet Tony and Anna Yu. Fellow Boston Photographers whom I met at my first New England PUG meeting. I was intrigued because Tony is the only Russian-speaking-TALL asian man I know!

We have become fast friends, and since he used to be a car insurance agent, he has been helping me fight the insurance company after my accident.
Because he knows the system, Tony helped me get $1200 more back from the insurance company than they were willing. Those weasels.

anyway, we met up today to shoot some fun stuff!
The day started off with lunch at my favorite restaurant FlatBread Co. (if you live in New England, please go find one, trust me.) and then we headed to the Natick Collection for some indoor shooting.

Um, yeah we essentially got kicked out of the mall three times... and escorted ( that a nice word for followed) out TWICE.
oh well. apparently they have "mall rules" that no one could clarify but rather just enforce.

Despite our rebellion, we got some fun shots :)

And of course.... we had the pleasure of Mr. Laurits' company today.
This boy is like the one man circus. He'll have you laughing...then crying (from laughter of course)...and then in complete shock that a 28 yr old man can so successfully act half his age.
Here's a glimpse of the evening's entertainment. [and in case you are wondering, that would be my scarf that he shoved down his pants and pulled out the hole in the crotch region.....oh boy]

(ps) I'm officially addicted to Canon....but shhh, dont tell my Nikon.


Dennis Urbiztondo said...

gr8 pix

Doug said...

Tony, how many times do I have to tell you not to chew on your wife's nose. Sheesh, you tell a man over and over, but does he listen? Nope. The last one of Anna is very Vanity Fair (I think it's the lips). Great job as always.

Dennis Bullock said...

Looks like a great time. It is always fun to get kicked out a time or two.

Melissa Koehler said...

You got kicked out 3 times! You rebels :)
I LOVE that escalator shot. So fun!

eric said...

your Nikon gear does not do your images any justice. It's the glass, man. Hurry up and get on board.

remember. when all else fails and you don't know what to do with your models, light up the crotch with a snoot made from a Kellogg's Raisin Bran box.


Team Yu Photography said...

Shyla, sweetie, I love the pics! Can't wait for the rest :) It was so nice to finally get to know you more, and I hope we can get together very soon (how about going to the yummy FlatBread again?)Many many thanks for making me feel so relaxed and comfortable, and simply for being who you are:

Bob P. said...

Wow...Those are GREAT shots!!!

Fed said...

Who is that hot couple?!

Remember if you get escorted to the elevator to leave you can always hit the emergency stop and shoot up the elevator :)

Totally with the Raisin Bran box lighting when all else fails.

I really need to try this Flatbread place, one of you grab me some takeout and head on over.

Nicole said...

I want to know what you did to get kicked out three times and escorted out twice!?!?!?!? Do tell!!!! ;)

Servidores said...

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david & kimi baxter said...

so flippin awesome!!!! i'm always so trilled when you post pics!!

Ryel j said...

Shyla my sweet it was so nice to meet you at WPPI. What a great session. I love the meeting in between the escalators. Ok all of it.

Hanagraphie said...

Yea!! Another one bites the dust! Finally converted. CANON RULES! ;)

Jasmine said...

ESCALTOR photo......freakin' priceless!! LOVE THEM!
miss you...

Angie said...

You make everyone look so gorgeous and sexy no matter what the context. Love em all!

Not sure bout that circus act though. Shall I diagnose? Hilarious and very fun! xoxo

Dorie said...

These images are really fun! I have also gotten in trouble for taking pictures at the Natick Collection, but before it was a collection.

Carla Ten Eyck said...

shyla get your butt to my studio STAT and shoot with the D3 before you consider switching. I'm just sayin is all... :)


rachel said...


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