Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spring Awakening!

I checked another thing off my list yesterday!
you have no idea how excited I am to announce I saw my FIRST Broadway Musical! (yes, on Broadway!!)
If you spend any time with me, you will know my ridiculous love of musicals. I truly enjoy watching people share their giftings through those forms of artistic expression.

Here is our attempt at a self portrait with the golden tickets. Note to self: Iphones aren't good for self portraits!
[ and yes, I am wearing my Sox hat in downtown NYC. ;)]

We saw Spring Awakening, which is best described as "an angst ridden teen musical about the consequences of repression." With music written by Duncan Sheik, the show had an indie-rock feel and showcased the inner thought life of teenagers. Although set in 1891, the thought patterns haven't really changed... ;) (suprise, suprise) Sexuality, sadomasochism, homosexuality, suicide. It was a show that forces you to acknowledge the human condition, and face it instead of simply sweep it under the rug. It presents you with the opportunity to embrace and learn to be comfortable in what may make you initially uncomfortable.
I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, the show, the story...everything!

It wasn't the innocent Disney show I expected to see on my first storm of Broadway but I couldn't have asked for a BETTER encounter.
Here is a clip from the show. If language offends you, please don't watch ;)


Anna Yu said...

congrats, Shy!!! I'm sure you guys are having a blast in NYC, kisses ang hugs to Eric (though it looks like someone just disturbed his sleep hehe)Love the SOX cap! You go, girl!

Fed said...

You can proudly call yourself a Bostonian now after rockin' the "Sox" hat in NYC :)

Enoch said...
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Enoch said...

I've always wanted to attend a Broadway Musical... and this show looks fantastic!

Maybe one day.

Mary Marantz said...

hello friend!! we miss you terribly and I can't wait to cuddle you! when will we see you?


david & kimi baxter said...

loved it!!! how awesome to go to a broadway show! so jealous!

Anne said...

OMG - I so want to be there RIGHT NOW!!!! I need some Shyla sunshine in my life! ;)

STEVE DePINO said...

Yes Spring awakening!!!!
I saw that about a year an a half ago when it first opened and loved it!!!

Kristen Dawn said...

You go girl! You show that Boston pride!!

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