Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Galligans | Family Shoot

Meet some more of my Family! I shot the grandbabies ( Ryan & Kylee) a few weeks ago for Mom's birthday yesterday. This is something I have been doing for her birthday since Kylee was a year old... Shes almost 9 now! Its fun to look back and see how much they've grown!
You know the kids are used to the camera when then give you the "serious model stare' as seen in the below images. :) I have fun laughing ones but mom hasn't seen those yet, so you cant see them yet either ( 'Cause Mom checks the blog) ;)

Daddy and the Kiddos

... and HERE are a few from years gone by :) They are when I shot film and are DIRRRRRRRRTY, crooked scans, but you can at least see how much they've grown :)


Shannon said...

aww- how fun! i love that one of him in the rafters. rock on!

Anonymous said...

Oh man... they are getting so big!!!! These kids are not going to be satisfied with just any photographer from now on... you have ruined them! ;) I bet they will love to look back when they are older too.... ;) You are so cute!

sdohana said...

hi shyla! it was so nice to finally meet you in person sunday at the TTD session in OC. that's all code in case you want to surprise people with the awesome images i know you took. :) sorry i didn't get to chat longer. once we hit the beach everyone went right to work. anyway, i hope i get to meet up with you again soon & actually talk for more than 2 minutes. i love love love your work. keep inspiring!
david baxter

kimi b said...

if these kids aren't models you sure know how to make them look way! these are killer!

Tara Jones said...

ohmygosh! adorable!!!

Chattanooga Photographers said...

Love your work - Keep it up!

Angie said...

Okay, now these are incredible. I can't wait for you to use your magic on my kids. Soon. Love the beach and also the industrial look. Very cool. You're siblings are precious. They could earn some $$$ modeling.

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