Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I've always loved extended plays [EPs]... Not enough tracks to musically qualify as a full album but in my opinion I like them even more. More intimate and often more raw... almost like being forced to tell an entire story in 5 pictures (or songs, whatever) or less. My friendship with Erica is a lot like this. no fluff. just raw, simple, awesome....

You can imagine the friendship she offers when you hear she has been in 17 weddings. Not just attended, I mean she was IN 17 weddings...as in she has 17 dresses that I am sure range in style, color, era, and embarrassment. Then there is me who has barely even been a guest at a wedding.
Our friendship is hilarious because, for example, we often plan movie/editing nights regardless of the fact that we never like the same movies.... EVER. For instance we watched The Proposal... she loved it and thought it was the best chick flick she's ever seen... I hated it. Well hate is a strong word. I just didn't appreciate it on the same level she did.
She loves (and love ISN'T a strong enough word here) garlic and sauteed veggies, offering them to me at every meal. I like my veggies raw and prefer to ward bloodsuckers off with fierce stake fighting instead of garlic-y breath.
Then there are the road trips... she is content listening to the radio on 'seek/scan' catching 5 second clips of songs for the entire 2 hours. And then there is me who always has some sort of melodic theme music accompanying my step... with to which I am belting out and doing a silly dance. It seems I ALWAYS have music on.

Overall I like to think the glue that holds us together is our affinity and obsession with Arrested Development. That bond acts like gorilla glue.... the kind that takes your skin off with aggressive adhesion.

She is an EP- short sweet and to the point.... I am an LP-trying to cram everything I can in 14 different tracks and offer nothing short of sensory overload.

I often wish I was more EP-ish :)

So blog-friends.... meet my friend EP [Erica Pelaccia]. She recently left her job to pursue photography full time and I'm loving having her around everyday (we live 1/8 mile apart)! Here are a few tracks from yesterday's shoot for her new upcoming website.

This one is my fav from the day... but looking at all these shots, Im staring to think there was a hot naked guy running off the left side of the frame because she can't stop looking there ;)


chipgillespie said...

your favorite = my favorite.

(hmm... I don't remember being in the area that day...)


Krista Photography said...

Erica my friend, you look beautiful!

Erica L. Pelaccia said...

Shyla! 1. these are amazing! Jumping that stone wall in a cocktail dress and heels and being eaten alive by bugs was so worth it. 2. Thanks for running back to the house to get that fab hair clip. 3. You worked your magic and made me feel so comfortable and even got me to laugh and loosen up (how do you do it?!). 4. You captured "me"- the spirit of who I am along w/the scrunched up nose and FULL smile. 5. Thank you!!!! xoxo

Scaricari said...


P.S. EP has a sunburn. ;)

Tabitha and Larry said...

Gorgeous! I love these images and love what you shared about your friendship with Erica. So true!
I love you both;)

jordan said...

incredible shots shyla! having such a beautiful model always helps, but you've captured her wonderfully here. hope you're well!

excess.modality said...

hi there, i have come across your blog. i MUST say you take light and rock with it. you use it, your not afriad of it. excellent work. KUDOS!!

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