Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Drum Circle | hermosa beach

Sunday afternoon I was playing hostess and showing my current house guest around SoCal. I live less than 10 minutes from the beach so of course that is included in the tour! Anyway, as we were walking around Hermosa Beach there was loud music coming from underneath the pier and come to find out it was a drum circle. I have never experienced a drum circle before but I was literally captivated... seriously MESMERIZED! I love love love music but have never experienced anything like this before. Something about it touched me deep down and I know it may sound cheesy but I wanted to cry. Music has such a way of evoking emotion... especially percussion.

Apparently there are three main drum leaders and then baskets and baskets of other percussion instruments. It was essentially a free for all and there were drums for anyone who wanted to join in. I was amazed how each 'drummer' was doing their own thing but it sounded so beautiful as a whole. There were about 50 people total.

Unfortunately I did not have a camera with me ( I know, shame on Shyla!) but we got this crappy phone camera shot....

and then I found this clip online of a drum circle in Hermosa back in April.

I just found out they do one every Sunday, so if anyone ever comes to visit me on a weekend I will take you to experience this awesomeness!!!!


Sara D Harper Photography said...

Sooo cool!!

Vanessa said...

I totally know what you mean about that heart-thumping music...there are a couple different drum circles in SB and one of them was up in the hills above my dorm freshman year...I used to lay in bed and listen to them beat into the night. There was something so captivating about it.

Second favorite- this guy on state always drums right outside one of my favorite clubs and I LOVE running out onto the street and dancing while he rocks out...a slightly more organic "club" experience. :)

whew...I had a lot to say about that! Miss you Shy!

sdohana said...

how awesome! no camera bummer, i would of loved to have seen the incredible shots you could of gotten of this circle of music.

:e: said...

oh man. awesomeness indeed. We are going and drumming. or maybe we'll just start our own in Beantown.

Shyla said...

E-man, come out this way and let's have a party on EACH coast! :)

KT Merry said...

Super Cool!
Was great to meet you in LA!! See you in Vegas?? Anyhow, keep in touch!!!

Shyla said...

Of course KT.... I cant wait to see you again :)

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