Saturday, June 23, 2007

ANTI workshop | SEATTLE

I spent the week in Seattle attending the ANTI workshop hosted by AltF and Boutwell Studios. It was such a fantastic week full of challenges and adventures as well as cultivating new friendships and nurturing old ones. My cup is overflowing from the wonderful people who made a mark on my life in the short week we were together....not to mention all the cool photography knowledge I learned :)

A quick recap of the week...
Day 1:
Arrive in Seattle for the Preception and some bowling....
Oh and by the way... I SUCK at bowling. I am talking gutter ball ALL THE TIME.!! LOL
Heres the wonderful Jess Claire showing off her fancy form ;)

Day 2: The workshop was held at Pike's Brewery. The un-orthodox setting made this alternative style workshop truly unique! We were instructed NOT to bring our cameras to the first day of class and little did we know it was because were would be shooting with polaroids! This was truly a challenge because it forces the photographer to rely on their creativity in composition and ideas instead of fancy lenses, f-stops, or other pro-camera manipulations.

Day 3: Being broken up into teams of 3, we were sent off on a photo scavenger hunt with a bride, 2 hours, and a list of 24 expected images. This was one of my favorites :)

Day 4: after our critique of the groups images we were given the opportunity to tour underground Seattle. Apparently, Seattle was leveled out about 100 years ago and underneath are the remains of the old city. It was sweeeet! The goal behind this tour was to teach us lighting in less than ideal circumstances. here are a few images from that adventure....

This is the amazing Dustin Stellar... he was one of my favorite parts of the workshop. I rarely meet more genuine people :)

Ah yes, and here are some of my new and old friends....

Me and Egan sportin' the Aviators

Dustin Stellar and Kelley Walker Chance.

Kathy Carslile,Shannon Sewel, and me rockin' the "Fred Egan is for lovers tees.

Heather Cole and I...doing...uh, I dunno?

Heather Cole , My roomate Lisa Fitts and me

Stay tuned... there is more to come tomorrow!!! :)


Heather said...

crying right now because I miss you so!!! NOT FAIR I'm not hanging with you.

HUGS, HUGS and more HUGS!

Anonymous said...

Ok, all I have to say is.... YOU LOOK HOTTER than HOT! In the Freg Egan shirt, you look so thin! And then with the camera in the next photo... dang girl! Stop that!!!! You are too hot for your own good!!!! ;)

Love you! Hope you are enjoying the beautiful NW without me.... love you! ;)

c r y s t a l said...

Wow! Looks like a fantastic time! I love the video! And that kick is awesome, girl!

Miss you!!

Ric Roc Surf Shop said...

2nd to last photo rocks!!

Darren said...

Hi love your work.

Seen your Blog via Jessica Claire's site i always follow her blog.

I have posted a link from my Blog to yours as i think your site is amazing.

Many Thanks
Darren House

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