Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ryan & Rachel

I flew out to North Carolina for Ryan and Rachel's wedding but happened also squeeze in a few moments with my dear friends Amber Holritz and Corey McNabb. They drove HOURS out of thier way to pick me up from the airport for a 1 hour lunch before we jetted off to our respected rehearsal dinner shoots. There is never a dull moment with them and I had a BLAST spending even a lil' time with them. THANKS GUYS!!! We went to lunch and I have decided that my favorite thing about the south is by far the SWEET TEA!!! Oh goodness, I am like a giddy lil' school girl. Although it is simply an adult version of kool-aid ( with the amount of sugar added), I am a BIG FAN :)

Im sooo exhausted though! I took a red-eye out here and leave at 6 a.m. in the morning to head to Portland for Father's Day and then its on to Seattle for the Anti-workshop! I'm delightfully excited, so stay tuned for some fun posts ahead!

Ryan and Rachel were sooo happy to be getting married after a LONG engagement!! Here are a few shots I grabbed for the blog real quick. :)

Have a wonderful Father's Day everyone!!!


Andrew Barlow said...

OMG shy... you are just simply phenominal!!! I love the coloring in these shots! :) oh yea... today Sarah did a workshop. And we all went for a BIG photoshoot... you woulda LOVED it! Can't wait to show you some shots!!! :)

Mary Bess said...

Shy these are INCREDIBLE! The gas station one is awesome!!

I loooooooove sweet tea! That's all we ever had down in WV, but now that I live in CT I can't find it anywhere. I always have to make my own.'s about a cup of sugar! lol :P

Sarah Barlow said...

Gorgeous pics Shy!!
Love the gas station one! So creative! Your crazy girl...hope you stay sane through all the travel:)

Mike Larson said...

sweet shot of the couple in the dark (barrel?) room!!!

david baxter said...

shoes & gas station awesome and so creative!

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