Wednesday, January 21, 2009

MLK day.

First of all... special thanks to all who came out on Monday, and to everyone else who took their day off to serve others. You all are my heros. :)

So, we all met at Arlington Street church in downtown to make lunches and then take them out to the streets of Boston.
Here's a glimpse into the story...

That is Richey on the right. That man was so full of life, you couldn't help but smile. He was so excited because he was signing up to volunteer an event himself. He was able to see past his own need and desire to help others. We need more hearts like Richey's in the world .

After trekking around downtown Boston and passing out lunches all morning, we gassed up at Flatbread, and then went snowshoeing! Evan and I drove up to Wachusett Mountain and blazed a few trails that would make BigFoot proud. Have I mentioned lately how much I love snow? ;)

Anyway, meet Evan...this man has THE biggest heart. EVERY Saturday morning you will find him hanging out in Boston Common meeting and conversating with the homeless. Whether it's taking them out to lunch, offering them warm conversation, or letting them draw smiley faces on his shoes (true story...I've seen scribbles!) he has forged relationships and been a part of special journeys that few people dare to embark on. I am richer for knowing him.
Thanks for the adventure Evan!


allan z. said...

would've loved to be there! :-/

Anonymous said...

I agree that he has a huge heart!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shyla, Isa here
There are no words to describe how much I enjoy your blog and photos!!! I live in TN (not by choice) and LOVE New England :o) Started photography classes as a hobby and oh I love it so much! Also, you wrote in your Twitter who had "cajones" to skydive which means boxes... you might have meant "cojones"... which means courage in the way of two 20gr spheres??? LOL!!! Take care :o)

Michael Blanchard said...

You are such a good person! Miss you!

Maya Laurent said...

You are so gracious in your community! It's such an inspiration!

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