Monday, June 9, 2008

Maho Bay

I just spent the week in the Carribbean... living the rough life. You know how it goes... ;)

I was there shooting a wedding with my lovely new adventure buddy Katie Thurmes. We shot an awesome wedding but you'll have to wait for those images because there are just waaaaay too many to put in ONE blog post.

but for now, let me share where I left a piece of me... MAHO BAY

I was never one to actually WANT to go to an island for vacation because my idea of vacay isn't chillin' on a beach... I am an adventure gal so the more adventure the awesome-er... BUT I must say that out of all the tropical places I have been, I have finally found the place I actually WANT to return. Friends, meet Maho Bay.
An eco-friendly collection of tent-cottages that are nestled up in the trees and provide a more 'natural' island experience.
Think Swiss Family Robinson.
Think Ewok Village (the entire camp was connected by wooden boardwalks)
Think heaven on earth (well, for me anyway...)

I cant decide which sold me more, was it...
*Waking up to the sound of waves hitting the beach?
*strange brids serenading us all night long?
*sharing a dining table with geckos?
*trekking up the wooden walkways on midnight bathroom runs (think community bath houses) with only our cell phones as light?
*lying in bed and watching the moon cast shadows on the tent roof that I used to illustrate fun stories in my head? ( Think imagining shapes in clouds but with shadows instead)
*sharing a pint with our friends Ben and Jerry? (note: Maho only sells items in their general store from companies who contribute to eco-logical Vermont's Finest, Ben and Jerry)
*lying on the deck watching the stars come out one by one?
*collecting bug bites as if they were badges of honor?


It felt like camp all over again.... ah I miss counseling days.

and how can you go to a place like this without making friends who share the same interests? This is just the culture of people you want to hang with. SO...we of course made friends with our neighbors and were even invited to a drum circle by an off-duty staff member....
Can I just reiterate that I WAS IN HEAVEN?!


we really don't need much to be happy :)

our balcony

our tent view

Tent 'kitchen' complete with propane stove and dishes

one of our many friends

haha, I couldnt help but post this sequence. This would be island time. We called a taxi to take us from downtown to Maho Bay and he promised to be there in 10 minutes...... yeah, we waited over an hour. ugh

(ps) Um, I am already facilitating a trip back to camp at Maho Bay... if anyone is interested and can handle not having air conditioning or "facilities" let me know! The more the merrier. :)


Doug said...

I don't have AC here either...but Maho looks way better than Erie PA. :-)

David [C+D] said...

So spoiled!!!! But no AC??? How did you live! How did you sleep? Our condo got above like.. 70 and I was rolling on the floor saying I was going to die of heat stroke. :-D

Anna Yu said...

Honey, I'm in!!! This is a lifestyle I'm so used to :) Maybe not so much anymore, but almost 19 years of my life were happily spent in such conditions. No heat, no AC, no tap water, and in the beginning no electricity; we spent every summer like that and ohh boy, how happy we were...It is so true! We really don't need much to be happy...

abigail smith said...

Oh my! What an adventure you had! Your view looked absolutely beautiful! Glad you're back though. :)

abigail smith said...
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Katie Thurmes said...

Oh i love you...thanks for the great adventures my dear!!!!

david & kimi baxter said...

haha! that was awesome, but i'm sure not for you guys! love the shots tho. yay geckos!!!

Kevin Keith said...

I love roughing it! What an awesome time. I would be up for it! btw, the taxi doesnt surprise me... i was in Maui and found out how much islanders don't care for main-landers.

Vanessa said...

After a month of living out of a backpack and simply walking every day, I still can't think of anything more wonderful...except for this, in a tropical location. Simplicity is so hot right now! :)

I'm in Shy!!

Ryel j Photography said...

So much fun expect for the late cab at the end. Maybe it was a sign to stay longer?!?!?! Welcome back!

jenna walker said...

OH - take me back to maho bay - is perfect, isn't it! i'm dying of laughter at the last sequence of katie - sending that one to the parents! love ya shy!

oragano said...

I love watching Katie wait for the taxi! Too Cute!

David said...

Shygirl I'm not sure I consider that camping.... Yep just checked with Kim definetly not camping. But looks like a great, ahh, lets call it a retreat.

Studio222 Photography said...

HAHaHA! That last sequence is hilarious!

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