Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Crazy Eastern Adventures

This past week, I have had the opportunity to experience a fast forward tour of NY and New England and it has been amazing!
The tour started with the PhotoPlus Expo in NYC where Amber Holritz and I had the opportunity to stay with THE Eric Laurits. He truly was the BEST host{ess} ;)
(note: some images were jacked from the Holritz blog)

Thursday was the FF>> tour of NY with a trip to the Cloisters, a visit to Rockafeller Center and St Patricks Cathedral, then dinner in Times Square followed by a fun ride aboard the Staten Island Ferry.

Friday, Eric and I worked the shootsac booth to raise funds for the gift of sight charity (see a few posts down for details...) we talked so much we nearly lost use of our vocal chords. BUT, check out the sweet shirts we had made!

We jetted out of the city Friday night and made our way up to Eric's parents house in Boston (and in case you didn't know, the Sox are off to the world series...we are gearing up to watch the first game as I type this!).

So Saturday we went up to Ipswitch River and fed the Chickadees! :) Eric was highly entertaining and I got photos to prove it!

Check out Boston in the Fall...

Next it was onto Maine. Um,.... all I have to say about Maine is that I am officially in love and want to move there. Its GORGEOUS!!! literally GORGEOUS.
We stayed at the Laurits Family Cottage before heading back to NYC on Monday. Here is a shot I grabbed as we were pulling into the cottage...

WHEW! talk about whirlwind!
I did a fun shoot this weekend while we were in Maine.... I cant wait to show you!

Thats all for now :)


Shane Melenbacker said...

Hey Shyla... looks like you had a great time. Look forward to seeing some more of your adventures.

jamiedelaine said...

Maine has GOT to be one of the most beautiful states. You totally visited at the right time of year as well. I want to go backkkk!!

Sandra Salisbury said...

i love boston!!! love the birdies too! im jealous of your east cost travels! glad to see you so busy!

Abigail Quisenberry said...

soooooo jealous! and so incredibally pretty! omg!! It looks like you had lots of fun! ;)

c r y s t a l said...

OH shyla! What a great trip! It looks like you guys had an absolute blast!! Can't wait to see pics from the shoot in Maine.

Gosh, January can't get here soon enough! I miss you!!!

Amber Martin said...

I live in Maine and agree that it is beautiful! Awesome pics!

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