Sunday, July 8, 2007

Bienvenidos a Mexico!

I know it's been nearly a week since I blogged but the internet connection was touch and go...uploading images to the server was a NIGHTMARE so I avoided it as long as possible.

We come home tomorrow so I thought I would at least try posting once from here. :)

We had all this hilarious video I was going to share but unfortunately our camera was stolen before I downloaded the files so this is all you get...

The following are images from our excursions to San Jose Del Cabo, Cabo San Lucas, and Todos Santos. Our parents couldn't understand WHY we were taking pictures of garbage cans and run-down playgrounds but honestly we were in heaven with all the 'camera candy'.

I started the week wearing 50 SPF... then went to 30 SPF and today Im gonna try 8 SPF.... wish me luck ;)

Me and my Bro

Todos Santos, Mexico is home to the original HOTEL CALIFORNIA that was made popular by the Eagles! I was disappointed because it was all restored and I was hoping for some run down scenery ( purely for photographic reasons). :)... but I definitely played the song on my ipod to "get in the mood'.... haha


Heather said...


Looks like you and your bro are having a great time! The pictures are great and I wish I were there with you!! :) Hugs.


Danielle Renee said...

Ok I'm ready for you to come home now :) Because that means it's sooner till you come to see me this weekend!!!!
Tell the fam I say Hi! and I am so sorry someone's camera was stolen! Booo.

david baxter said...

love the cracked sidewalk shadow shot. you're so creative!

Mike Larson said...

sweet side project, i love your other non wedding stuff.. nice shy!

Ginger Murray said...

very cool pics.
I love the one of the hanging pots!

Sandra Salisbury said...

you are so funny! I love your brave outlook with the SPF downgrade! Your 'candy' pics are really cool!! Hope you had a safe trip!

Deyl said...

cabo is so fun! i love it when its hot and the water is sooo warm :)

Paige Kearin said...

Shyla - I totally miss you. I hate it when your dog eats your homework and when your "camera was stolen before the hilarious video was downloaded". Just kidding. That sucks! If you come to Santa Barbara I'll help you get over it. LOL

Samantha F. said...

Oh maaaaaannnnn, I LOVE this site!! It's seriously just right!

(You met me at Sarah B.'s house about a month and a half ago. I'm not a crazy stalker, I promise! More of a friendly one, or so Natalie says....!)

Very cool pictures too! ^_^

Shannon said...

YOUR PHOTOS ARE AMAZING! I especially love the one of the 2 rusty barrels. [good to meet you tonight!]

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