Sunday, August 19, 2007

I've Been What?!

"You've been tagged!"
"I've been WHAT?!"
"Someone tagged you"
[inner monologue: did someone attack my house with a can of spray paint??]
"Well", I said, "Is that a good or bad thing?"
"Ohhhh...ok!! Cool... I think"

Haha... I was chattin' with a friend the other day when he alerted me that I had been "tagged" in a blog game. I didnt know what it was at first but, apparently I am supposed to share 8 things you may not know about me and 'tag' 8 other photographers to do the same.... and no, it has NOTHING to do with spray paint!

The following photographers decided I am "it" for this round...

Kelley Walker-Chance
Jamie Delaine
David Baxter

Sooo... since you all wanna know, here goes...

I love Love LOVE country music... Maybe its because I was born in oklahoma and the country roots were planted at conception... or maybe its just the fun life and carefree attitude that is exuded through the music?? Regardless of why, all I know is that it always elicites a big smile on my face when I hear songs that express a love and passion for LIFE!

how many girls can profess to doing a header conversion? ... or will admit that the scars on her knuckles is from changing her first tire? hmmm... will you be impressed if I told you it was all apart of helping to completely restore '65 MUSTANG?
ok, so I couldn't do it NOW...but back in the day I was quite the little tom-boy

I have this secret fascination with Sparkly cement... You know the kind you see out front of movie theatre, for example? I get giddy like a school girl!

You all know me as "Shyla" but when i was born my mom actually named me Bethany Nicole. The hospital misplaced my birth certificate so she was instructed to fill out another one. She must have been as indecisive as I am because she decided I would no longer be a Bethany but rather a Shyla. So now, 'Bethany' is my alter ego ;)

I was once pulled over and frisked because apparently I fit the description of a chick who just eluded the cops after she robbed a bank! hmmm... maybe it was Bethany ;)

When asked, I always tell people I have never been in love but that is a BIG FAT LIE! I am currently "in love" with the following men....
Obie-Wan Kenobi
Christian ( move over Satine) &
Catcher Block

Ironically they are all the same man ;) The love of my life is ..... Ewan McGregor. Have you heard him sing?! There is no need for further explanation!

I, like Kelley, have an abnormal obsession with getting food on my hands while eating... You will never see me eat ribs!
Clay from the potters wheel, paint from my recent project or even baby slobber don't bother me... but food??! ugh.

1| $3.88
Ok this one is embarassing... but.... back in the day I was a runway model in a WALMART fashion show. Yeah, you read that right... WALMART! OK, so I would never associate WALMART and FASHION in the same sentence but I was only 12.... give a girl a break! ;)

Now it's MY turn to tag a few peeps...
* MR. Jasmine Star... I figured he could make a cameo on J*'s blog and enlighten us to a lil' bit about the man behind the STAR!
* Nick Onken... because he's just plain my hero!
* Sarah Barlow.... so much maturity crammed in that little gal, she is inspiring!
* Kathy Carlisle... because I still can't find the chonies! ;)
* Scott Neumyer... maybe he will share his "other job" with our community
* John Michael Cooper... if his life is half as interesting as his creative mind we will all be blown away Im sure!
* Eric Laurits... we all wanna know how you "s:e:ek the joy" ;)
* Shane Melenbacker... your heart capacity far exceeds anything the rest of us could hope for!


sdohana said...

awesome tidbits shyla! my wife loves the sparkles in the sidewalks too. she just says in homer voice...mmmmm sparkles

Jamie Delaine said...

Yeah Shyla!! So glad you did this. :) I knew your "8 facts" would be wonderful.

Laura said...

I just got tagged by Scott Neumyer and came to check out who tagged him - your work is beautiful.

Great 8! Off to work on mine.

:e: said...

ha ha ha ha ha awesome.

i may have a tough time coming up with eight interesting things to talk about, but I'll do my bestest.

Oh Ewan. Accents are cool, I must admit. I just sound like a Bostonian. That's about as mysterious and exotic as a hamburger.


Jasmine said...

LOL!! I don't think MR. Jasmine Star wil be blogging on my blog soon...he may reveal my deepest darkest...idiosyncracies!! :)

Heaven's Eye Phtotography said...

I can't believe you tagged me! Now I am going to have to really dig deep to find some things about me that ALL might not already know. I am way too much of an open book, so what's left for me to tell! BTW -Moulin Rouge is the best movie on this planet IMO! I am all about Ewan in this one...I don't know about in Star Wars though?

Shyla said...

haha... yeah Kath, Ewan in StarWars isn't all that tantalizing but you gotta love your men through the good and the bad, right? ;)

Jazzy, just moderate his answers! ;)

:e:, don't forget what I told you about In-N-Out ;)

David & Jamie, awww shucks!with friends like you I feel like I can do anything... thats for the lovin' you guys!

Daniel J. Watkins said...

Hold up...grease under the fingernails doing a header conversion but you can't stand a little sweet bbq sauce on your fingers???



BethLaurren said...

Hi Shyla! I am interning with Sarah Barlow this summer while I get my own business off the ground, and am definitely still in "soak up every peice on information possible" mode. :) I have to ask you - what lens did you use for the shots of the last wedding you did (specifically the photo of her leaning on his back)? I love that shot!

Davina said...

I soooo love country music and how could anyone NOT love Christian...the man can sing. whoa, baby!

Love it, Shyla!!

Vanessa said...

You simply delight me Shyla. Love it. Love you. OMG get your butt up here already!! ;)

Daniel J. Watkins said...

happy friday shyla! :)

|| davidjay || said...

You gotta meet my friend Ashley - she's moving down to LA in a couple of weeks and I was telling her how if she wants a roommate she needs to connect with you!

Holritz Photography said...

Love it! You're awesome... Walmart or not! :)

- N

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