Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christmas Decorating

Ok, so Christmas is my holiday... you don't mess with Shyla and Christmas.
Decorating at our house is like a four day event. We teased my mom that when we built our house, we'd have to add an extra room just for Christmas Decorations. haha.

I just love the spirit at Christmas... I love peppermint zebra hot chocolates... I love Christmas Music and I love snow! perfect season if you ask me.
But on top of all that is the family activities and it starts with putting up lights/decorations.
We had a ton of fun this year :)...

um, didnt you know that extension cords make great jump ropes?

Our friend Jerry did the really high stuff because he has better medical insurance than we do! lol.

Marky Mark stuck to the ground and was the director!

With the upcoming election year, we decided to show our harmonious support of both major parties.......
well, not really. I actually just thought it was funny we have one red and one blue

Is it 'normal' have a christmas tree in our kitchen? haha. The tree on the right is my penguin tree comprised off all the penguin ornaments I have collected since I was young.

We did it! and no one got hurt! :)

Here's to a wonderful Christmas season.... Happy Holidays everyone!


Dennis Bullock said...

We are the same way. Chirstmas is wonderful! We also have several in the Kitchen, Dining room, Living Room, Den and each our kids and my wife and I have a little one in our bedrooms.

david & kimi baxter said...

love the christmas decorating pics! i LOVE the teddy bear tree :)we also have a christmas tree in the kitchen. merry christmas shy!

S+J said... guys have more than one tree? how cool! you make me want to start decorating my house now.

Shane Melenbacker said... crack me up!:)

STEVE DePINO said...

Wow looks like Martha Stewart stopped by your house!!! Awesome job!!!

Colley said...

It looks beautiful darling!!!! ;) I missed you when we did the dorm decorating... there was no AMAZING SHLYA quad. They were pretty sad this year... nothing in comparison! ;) Love you! Miss you!!! ;)

Shyla said...

haha... Colley. I was just showing my dad the pics from when I did 'white trash christmas' with the 3-D trailer... and also the little village our first year. Man I miss those competitions!

shaunaustin said...

The house looks cool. Where is this house? The temp. in that one pic said it was in the 40s.

c r y s t a l said...

awwww! So pretty and Christmasy! I love it!

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