Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New England | Love & Passion

I spent the last week in New Haven CT with my dear friends Justin & Mary Marantz. If I could sum up the trip in two words, they would most definitely be.... love & passion. It truly was a magical experience!

LOVE: Watching those two crazy love birds made my heart smile. They are so in love with eachother and its contagious. On their first date, there was 'no chemistry' but for some reason they gave it another shot.. and the rest is history! Observing their connection and relationship was such an awesome experience.
Then at a coffee shop one night, I saw a really old couple sharing hot chocolate together... I saw the way they looked at eachother and couldnt help but smile. So, of course I had to talk to them...'cause that's how I roll. haha.
With huge grins, they exclaimed that they celebrated their 60th anniversary that day and were more in love than ever before. The blushing bride proceeded to share some words of wisdom and then they strolled out hand in hand. Young and Old couples alike... all I saw was this deep in-explainable love. Good thing I am a wedding photographer 'eh? ;)

PASSION: That is for a different post (wink wink) but surrounding myself with passionate individuals is something I try to do always. I am so blessed to know so many incredible people! Friends who are passionate not only about photography but life, people... charity. Aw man, I am so pumped right now! There are so many exciting opportunities coming up next year... just wait for the awesomeness!

Here are a few fun pics.... Justin, Mary, and Steve DePino! (yes, that is ice cream in the snow!)

A little signage that deserved some attention

The beautiful town of Mystic, CT

Skull & Bones Society of Yale. Apparently President Bush and Senator Kerry were members of this 'secret society'. Notice the blacked out windows?? lol.

The two crazy love birds themselves

OK and one last thing.... we played Rockband for like 3 hours the other night and have incriminating video to prove it. Unfortunately, after seeing this video, our dreams of starting a rock-band were crushed. 'DEKTOL' rest in peace.

Thank You Justin and Mary for sharing some New England magic.... not only with your love, but with your lives, hearts, kindness and home. You two truly are a joy to know!


David Burke said...

So much fun! I am hoping Santa brings Rockband for us too. haha!
Merry Christmas.

Amy Martin said...

Aw, so fun... I laughed out loud at the video!! :) I definitely think you guys should keep your day jobs ;)

Shyla said...

Yeah Amy, I STILL laugh out loud at the video... It's pretty hilarious...and embarrassing! But, what is life if you cant laugh at yourself, right?!


Mary Bess said...

lol!!! oh lordy day....we're awful!!! hahahahah

scott neumyer said...

mary's got some serious dance moves! and depino.com just rocks out!

STEVE DePINO said...

oh god... I thought that tape was going to be destroyed :)

Shores Photography said...

good lord, that video had me laughing! lol

david & kimi baxter said...

that was so flippin funny!

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