Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spread the Love | day 1

I am running on hardly any sleep so this will be quick, but here is a little peek into the awesomeness taking place here in Chicago.... :)

2 of our fearless leaders, Justin and Mary Marantz

The wonderful Beth

Videographer extraordinaire Andrew

Abigail Smith, Sarah Barlow, Mary, and moi

I had a little "accident" this morning, so walking is a bit of a challenge. (and NO I wasn't wearing heels!)
I am practicing what I learned in sports though...RICE (Rest, Ice Compression, Elevation)... hopefully that will help the swelling will go down so I can actually fit my shoe on tomorrow!



Team Yu Photography said...

RICE is the way to go! Hope you got your swelling to go down. Say hi to J&M for us :)

Shane Melenbacker said...

Hope you're OK Shyla. The shots look great. Later...

laurie c said...

shyla your are the best!! I am so glad I got to meet you! your talent is inspiring and your personality is priceless! hope your foot is better...take care!

Anne said...

Awww... what a bunch of the sweetest people in the world!!!!

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