Monday, May 19, 2008

Film Shoot

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being the still photographer on the set of a short film in downtown Boston.
The film is a documentary style film and part of it was interviewing 4-6 year olds about life.
It was interesting to see the behind the scenes workings of a film... but the best part was stifling the laughter that was elicited as a result of the kids' answers.

Here are a few behind the scenes shots...

This was the best part.... the kiddos.

Check out some of their answers to "What is Love?"...

Love is just love - Michael, 6yrs
Love is your heart, thats why you have it. -Jonathan, 6
Hugging and Kissing. -Connor, 6
Love is giving flowers. -Meredith 5
Love is caring for people and giving them respect. -Caroline 6

One little girl (6yrs old) was going on and on about politics... she was talking about John McCain and Hilary CliFFton. haha.

Thanks, Bobby, for hiring me on...I had a FANTASTIC time!


Jessica P said...

why aren't any of the GIRLS making silly faces? =P

david & kimi baxter said...

the kids shots are pure awesome!! love all their faces!!

Karen Mikols said...

I'm such a dork! When I read "film shoot" I thought you were talking about the 35 mm kind!!!!

Rachel Brooke said...

Hilary cute! These kids are darling, kids have the most innocent hearts, it's neat to hear what love means to them.

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