Sunday, June 15, 2008

Another one bites the dust...

I've officially converted another West Coaster to the North East!
Meet Erik. The sax playin', bass groovin', kid lovin', adventurist extraordinaire.
Erik lives in Denver but we went to college together in SoCal. He graduated my freshman year so we never really knew eachother until he went off to start an Orphanage in Mexico. It was between helping out at the Orphanage, and his reoccuring role in a few of my weddings last year, I had the pleasure of getting to know this kind soul. He is preparing to return to Mexico to start another Orphanage, but in the meantime he is traveling around the country enjoying life. I had the pleasure of giving him the GRAND TOUR of New England. We perused Hartford CT, New Haven CT, Boston, Portsmouth NH, Maine (Ogunquit, Wells, Kennebunkport), and even squeezed in a few nights of camping at one of the state parks. (YAY for tents!).
(note: I have perfected the art of S'more making! Even though I made ONE in the time Erik made three, it's ok because my marshmallow was perfect and not a black ball of fire!)

no photoshoot this time but here's a quick shot I grabbed on our random hiking excursion.

As I was downloading images, I saw these shots Erik apparently took and questioned my ability to dress myself. We randomly pulled off for a hike, and since I was wearing a sundress and flips, I threw on a sweatshirt for warmth.... I didnt realize how ridiculous I must have looked hiking in THAT. (to all my Northwest camping/hiking friends, I apologize for bringing you shame.) lol.

being the good friend I am, I made Erik learn the 'shyla face'.... but I dont think he quite understood that it has NOTHING to do with a pirate

Thanks for the fun Erik! Especially thank you for touching so many young lives with your passion and kind heart. It's an inspiration to us all.


jamiedelaine said...

I think your sundress sweatshirt outfit is cute!! :)

MarkGalligan said...

I dont know what to say....

real friends dont let friends walk in the woods dressed like that

dress is cute :)

Abigail Q said...

Your gorgeous! And I think the dress and flip flops is hot!


eric said...

oh dear... you west coasters and your incessant need to wear flip flops while in the wilderness. oh dear oh dear.

sounds like you're having some wonderful adventures :]

I was just in Arlington a couple of days ago rehearsing... you still there?

Shyla said...

I know Mark, Im ashamed! If it redeems me, I had my Kershaw in the hoodie pocket. you know, just in case I needed to go all machete-like on the brush.

Abby & Jamie: Thanks Ladies ...I think?

eric: its not an incessant need to wear flip flops, its an incessant need to be in the wilderness no matter what attire I am donning. :P
Oh, and Arlington was SO last season. You need to keep up, boy. ;)

Koko said...

Awww that boy is everywhere!! I'm glad to see you guys had a good time. I love that big Kid. Hey please don't fully convert him...I would like him to be a bit close to us. = )

Ps. Beautiful blue..your eyes pop.

Shyla....I know I'm a horrid distant friend Happy Late Birthday!!! I hope you had a great time with whatever plans you had. Another year and more adventures God bless you & and all you do. Keep taking my breath away with photos I feel I can touch.


Long lost karla from way back in the day. (I know this is long but I believe this comment was much needed) = )

Cait said...

I think I can make that face... :)

Angie said...

Oh I love you two!!!! So much fun and I'm diggin your outfit Shy. Glad you got to spend some time together.

Max said...

Next time you are in our neck of the woods you have to let us take you out!

david & kimi baxter said...

you make the best faces!!!!that last one just made us smile big!

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