Sunday, September 28, 2008

A lil' Anne, a lil' Martha, and a lil' boat.

My sweet friend Annemarie came out to Boston to play this weekend.
And even though we spent the majority of her trip out on Martha's Vineyard shooting a wedding, our adventures were glorious none the less.
Accompanied by my friend Suzanne, the three of us ladies staged a hostel takeover of the island.
[Well, sorta].
We just decided to get a little adventurous and stay in a hostel instead of a hotel since we were extending our trip a few days anyway. If you know me, you know I prefer the adventurous stuff so why not?! We had the place to ourselves and truly lived the life. Wine out of plastic cups is truly classy, right? ha.

Anyway, yesterday morning we woke up early for a little hair/make-up session and then snuck out before the rain hit for a few photos of my lovely friend. Due to time limitations, we wrapped up the shoot on the ferry...where I think we got the best shots!

What's up with my guilty pleasure of fashiony shoots. I just can't get enough.

oh, and sorry gentleman...she's taken ;)


Brett Bollman said...

Ahhhhhhhhh yeah!!!!

Shyla... you are wonderful!!

cristy cross said...

first of all these are fab-u-lous!
I love them. Love them all. And second, I've been looking for a hair style, and I love Annemaries1

Anonymous said...

Hello lovely. We need to chat (1)
(2) your missed
(3) I wish my favorite photographer YOU could take photos of my hubby and I booo hoo

** Since you are so far now..we might have to settle for the kind at the mall = ( NO we won't but still I will be wishing that one day you can shoot us.



Anonymous said...

PS. Your friend has a simplicity in her style that fits her and is totally sexy. She's not trying tooo hard and that work just FAB.

she's naturally photogenic

Yessss for her and you PERFECTO!


~Kara~ said...

Shyla, Wowza, very beautiful shots! AP is gorgeous, looks like you gals had a fun time :)

DCM Photography said...

I love these photos! Annemarie is a supermodel!!

erica sergio said...

beautiful. i love the last one. s.e.x.y.

Kari Crowe said...

seriously love the one of her laughing.

Brett Bollman said...

Me too Kari... me too!!

Sarah Shalley said...

you're fabulous and she's gorgeous! can i come play...will i look like that too?! ha! maybe next summer i can come be your friend! love them.

Annemarie said...

What can I say, Shyla??? You are an amazing photographer, but even more so, a great friend. I'm blessed to have you in my life. Come visit me in Texas real soon!! xoxo

Abigail Q said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful! I'm in love once again... ;)

Anonymous said...

I found these gorgeous photos on AP's blog and just had to drop you a line to say "You rocked this shoot!"

Seriously, great work. These are gorgeous.

Gina Leigh

Cathy and David Photography said...

Pictures like these remind me why I hate Indiana. YARR!!! Hotness! :)

Lydia said...

These are incredible, Shyla!

Sandra Salisbury said...

me wants Shyla to make me look that good!

Jasmine said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! FABULOUS!!!!!! BREATHTAKING!!!! I love them!!

Matthew McMichael said...

I know that this blog post is several months old, but it is still one of my favorites. Annemarie has a presence in front of the camera that cannot be denied and she looks totally at ease in all of the pictures. The one of her laughing is by far my favorite. She is absolutely... incredibly... stunningly beautiful. You're a lucky man, Brett!

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