Monday, October 20, 2008

Eileen + Chris | martha's vineyard

You wouldn't know it from recent weather trends, but a few weeks ago, Mother Nature dealt us New Englanders some rough weather... torrential sideways rain even.
Being my first trip to the Vineyard, however, I was too excited to let that minor detail deter my excitement. I brought along a few girlfriends and we decided to make a long weekend out of it. You can read about that here and here

Eileen and Chris's wedding was one of those days you want every wedding to be like. It was all about the love and family and just HAPPENED to be in a beautiful, calm, serene location.
Eileen's 9 nieces and 20,000 nephews were all a part of the wedding and the entire day revolved around them and family. Practically perfect in every way.
Rain ushered in the day but held off all through the wedding and reception...It wasn't until we decided to trekk down towards the lighthouse that we were pelted with a snap-of-the-finger-downpour. Luckily I brought along a few umbrellas!
Additionally, I had the joyous Miss Annemarie out from Texas to shoot with me so she added an extra element of fun to the day. Her and Suzanne made the weekend even more amazing! (Remind me to do a post on all these amazing people in my life... they make me who I am and I'm so honored to have each and every one as friends)

Eileen's veil is a family heirloom... it was her mother's grandmother's manteca that evolved into a veil worn by all the women in the family. Being the youngest of six, and last to marry, it was only fitting to continue the tradition. I seriously think this was my favorite bride veil Ive ever seen. so old, antique...stunning and FULL of family history and legacy. :)

All the gentlemen were wearing Vineyard Vines Ties... Apparently it is a huge Martha's Vineyard Tradition. I loved it!

The downpour sprint. I was running backwards as we were Jackie Joyner-ing it to the car and there was water all over my lens creating the crazy blur and flares. so fun though.

Did I mention I had only brought along two umbrellas? haha.

AND... yes, there is even a slideshow! ***CLICK HERE***


Abigail Q said...

Ohhh I've been waiting for these! Love the aweome-ness the rain did to your lens! Who'd a thought?

miss you!

Will Tangorra said...

Wow are these amazing...beautiful stuff shy! BTW:Perfect song choice. Love Jackopierce...saw them LIVE when I lived down in NC back in 1996!

rachel said...

Beautiful wedding! LOVE all the lil' kiddos running around! I'm sure the downpour was a refresher! =)

Ryel j Photography said...

Bride looking out of the window shot is my favorite! you're amazing!

ohana photographers-david and kimi said...

oh that veil is incredible!!! i love it when brides wear their family heirlooms! the veil and the umbrella images are as amazing as you are!!!! your images just make us smile!!

Kate@MKDPhotography said...

Consider yourself officially was fun shooting with you today!! Keep in touch! :o)

Sandra Salisbury said...

you are such a rock star!!!! I love your work and am so glad to see you living your dreams on the east coast!!!!

Enoch Photography said...

The shot of the bride under the umbrella... WOW.

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