Monday, November 3, 2008

All Hallows Eve

I love Halloween!


Technically if we are gonna utilize the word LOVE, then I would save that for Christmas... but I am rather fond of Halloween. Not for any other reason but that I have an excuse to get creative and make costumes. Creativity paired with Candy is awesome in my book! Every Year I partake in hours of imagining, sewing, and creating. Most of the time I create costumes for friends but this year I participated in the fun and my own costume as well.

Sooo... the party theme was Heaven and Hell. If you know anything about me, I am not a big fan of doing the same 'ol same 'ol cliche stuff... so I tried to think of a clever way to symbolize good and evil. And what a better way to symbolize good and evil in Boston then to do Red Sox and Yankees? Sooo my friend Suzanne and I went to the fabric store, broke out the sewing machine and camped out in her basement to create the following costumes.
She was the angel Red Sox and I represented the Evil Empire (yankees)
We each made nearly EVERY aspect of our own costumes except the underarmor, socks and angel wings. Even my horns and devil tail is made of ribbon, felt and coat hanger.

The bottom right are two of the jerseys side by side. The real one we used as an example and our imitation with felt letters. haha
Do you know how many needles and pins we lost between the two of us? I suggest not walking barefoot in Suzanne's basement any time soon ;)

The political costumes were hilarious this year... Our friend Mr Smurf kept getting blue all over us and Matt Grazier was the event's official photographer. wicked fun. Do you know how many people thought my red extensions were a real dye job?! haha


Krista Photography said...

It was an awesome party! Though, next year I may have you make me a costume instead of going with what's in my closet ;-)

Grazier Photography said...

Can I place my order now for a custom tailored costume for next year? The WFNX gang was giving me crud for always wearing and '80s concert shirt and big hair!

Brett Bollman said...

Shyla!! That is simply... AWESOME!!

Very clever... and crafted beautifully!

ohana photographers-david and kimi said...

how creative is that? is there no end to your talent!? hope you all had an awesome halloween!!

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