Saturday, December 27, 2008


I could sit here and apologize for my poor neglected blog, but I wont. Because neglecting my blog and other "work" related ventures was necessary to focus on my lovely family. :) During this amazing holiday season I felt the need to focus. To offer my undivided attention and truly milk the holidays for all they offer... being with family, reliving traditions, and savoring life.

Aside from twitter, I essentially cut myself off and loved it.

But now it's back in the saddle.

As we embark on a new adventure in '09, I've been reflecting and forecasting... I thought back to a sweet little gift given to me by a dear dear friend of mine before I left to go home for the holidays. She said it reminded her of me and I was so honored.
Looking at it (especially while in life-thinking-mode), It is a perfect pictoral representation of how I want to live life now, in '09, and always!
The tag line on the box read...
"Happiness... FREE to sing, laugh, dance,...create!"

It made me smile and I couldn't help but share.

So my friends.....CHEERS to a New Year... cheers to being free to sing ( at the top of your lungs, sound of music style), being free to laugh (with good friends till your sides ache), free to dance ( in the empty aisles at walmart at 3am...not that I've done that recently or anything ;] ) and being free to create (creating your life and your impact on the life surrounding you).

Most of all CHEERS to Life, Happy-ness and the Great Adventure of which we are all apart.

(ps) can you tell I'm smiling? :)


suzanne said...

You make me smile
:) - see!!
Can't wait to give you a big hug, drink raspberry margaritas, and stay up late talking...the list could go on. Come back to bean town asap, ok? thanks.

jamiedelaine said...

Shyla, I've never met you, but you just make me smile. Your blog posts remind me SO much of me, it's like I'm reading what I'm thinking and feeling and I love that somebody else dances in the middle of the night in stores. :)

Katie Thurmes said...

You are blessing, girl! And a breath of fresh air. and cotton candy on a gray day. Your energy for a life well-lived is contagious and I love it! I just know you will make the most of 2009 and can't wait to see you show the world all of shyla's awesomeness.

p.s. are you heading to wppi this year??? i need some Maho reminiscing!

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