Saturday, December 13, 2008

**Hint Hint**

Dear Mom & Dad,
We go over this every year... and every year I leave you exasperated and utterly frustrated that I COMPLETELY REFUSE to give you a Christmas List. I understand you want to play it 'safe' and ensure I get gifts I actually like, but I'm a hopelessly stubborn mule and continue to take make your life difficult. For that, I apologize.

When it comes to gifts, though, part of the specialness to me is that whoever chooses to give me a gift, gives it out of the fact that they know me and THEY think I will like it. I constantly remark that it takes the magic out of it all when I know what I am getting. Come on, you know I was never the kid who wrote letters to Santa, or even TRIED to peek at my presents before Christmas morning.... I am one who revels in the magic of surprise. Always have been, always will be :)

But this year... I thought I'd meet you half way and give you a little hint. OK, maybe a BIG pictoral hint. :) [see attached]
From here, I go back to my regularly scheduled stubborness.

Love Always,

(ps) I know it's not practical because I can't take it back home on the plane with me but I thought I would at least try. (insert batting of eyelashes here) If anything, I had a wonderful time riding up and down the escalators several times to get this shot on my phone. :)

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Kate@MKDPhotography said...

Ooooh if they come through and you somehow get it to Boston Mike and I have a couple of Viscaya's...and if they don't we'll leave Mike at home and you and I can use the Viscaya's!

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